Now is ze time on Sprockets vhen ve dance or Only one more week

till I fly out for my workshops in Toronto at Bizzy B’s , in New Jersey at Scrappers Cove and  Florida at Everything Scrapbook & Stamps . Wohhooooo


I am dancing around like Dieter on Sprockets getting all kits and tools and supplies organized and I am having lists a go-go.


The apartment looks like a warehouse although I am not sure if there is usually curious, plastic foil crazy cats in warehouses .


I have been offered the helpful hands by my sweet sweet 12 year old godson Luca already, but I honestly have a little control issue, too scared the kits wouldn’t be packed the right way and I don’t want to blame anyone else but my husband -self for it (he helps a lot when he can and it is a joke now that when something is wrong in a kit he gets the blame 😉 ) .


Kitting time also a good time to listen to good music and podcasts. Which explains that I dance around like Dieter. If you are not familiar with Dieter on Sprockets – it was on Saturday Night Life Show in the late 80s and early 90s in the States and  “parodied German stereotypes, especially those pertaining to German seriousness, efficiency, and precision” (Wikipedia). Here is a little excerpt:

Why I do know this show? Well…early on in our multi-national partnership (my husband is American),  my husband and I shared shows and jokes about fun stereotypes of the Germans and Americans in our countries and they kind of got their own insider-joke-existence in our relationship. My husband really thinks we Germans danced like this in the 80s though. Aha….really? 😉 It is good to be able to make fun of each other without hurting each other – I love it and btw – I get him back if one of those kits is not packed right….I will blame it all on him 😉

Until next time – Auf Wiedersehen





  1. I had never heard of the sprokets- they had me laughing out loud! All your kits and goodies look so heavenly- wish I lived closer to NJ or FL to take your workshop this trip!

  2. I loved that SNL sketch! I am an American married to a Belgian who is half Austrian and definitely has the German cleaning/efficiency/practicality thing going. I love it and love to tease him about it. We Americans are definitely lacking in this area but make up for it in other ways, sometimes.

  3. Sue Clarke says:

    Wish I was there to help and to take one of the classes.
    Happy trails to you on your scrapbook adventures Nat!

  4. Wow – some great supplies!

  5. You are funny : )
    Good luck with your travels and workshops xxx

  6. Jenny Palmer says:

    Hi Nat have a great time and What are husbands for but to blame lol
    waves from Tassie

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