If Halloween is a reason for yummie candy…BRING IT ON

Halloween is still not a big deal here in Germany…but it seems to come in fashion more and more. So in celebration of Halloween-not-so-celebrated-here:  here is my Halloween Layout which was published in the Fall Issue of the new ScrapArtZine


I used Derwent Arbars to alter the wonderful danyeela and fontwork papers – both papers I hoarded in my Supply Stash FOREVER – I kid you not. I loved those two papers so much I simply couldn’t bring it over my heart to use them…but there is time for everything, right?



So spill the beans…which items do you hort for ever and haven’t used them so far because you want to safe them for the best possible project?


Have a gorgeous day and a happy funny halloween filled with candy 😉






  1. For me it is all about the paper, too. I recently took something from my stash that I loved so much and decided to try the mindset “it’s just paper–don’t be afraid to cut it up!” And then I felt like I’d ruined it, made a huge mistake, etc. Then Julie’s voice came into my head, “Keep pushing.” That totally helped! I was able to turn my paper into something I totally love! Happy belated Halloween!

  2. Sue Clarke says:

    I continue to hoard the paper pack that you sent me of your designs. I have used a few of them but the rest are waiting for a special LO. LOL
    I really have to start to use supplies that have been waiting for 3 years.

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