Art Supplies Invading or ….Bold About Us

My husband and I are traveling a lot, but mostly for work and mostly not together. There are times we don’t see each other for 4-6 weeks. But…it is all not that bad, because we both work in our home office when we are here and that is so awesome, so in between we always have 2 weeks that we are both not traveling. We can take all meals together and there is often a short peek into the offices during the day.  So usually…let me admit this…when he goes away…I start spreading out over the whole apartment, you find art supplies even in the bathroom (don’t ask- LOL) , I crank up the music 😉 , I forget to get food and to eat, if I finally eat, I eat the stuff that he doesn’t like and I can never cook, I vanish in my studio forever, I watch the WORST TV Shows you can imagine and the first two days it is pretty fun…and then it sucks and I want him home- LOL.


This canvas is a retired Workshop called “Bold About US”. It was lot’s of fun teaching it.


Supplies: Prima Masks, Prima Londonderry Collection, Prima Ribbon Velvet, Prima Flower Carlotta Latte,

Prima Say it in Chrystals, Gesso, Tattered Angels Chalkboard, Tattered Angels Glam, Rangers Clear Crackle Paint


So today- well  when you read this it was yesterday 😉 – hubs is coming home- so can’t wait 🙂 But I better get the apartment cleaned up now- LOL. My art supplies are EVERYWHERE 🙂

If you life together with a partner or room-mate what are the things that you love to do when they are not there for a while? 

Have a wonderful weekend!




  1. My husband travels too and like you, I will disappear into my craft area and don’t cook, which actually frees up A LOT of time, lol. Plus like you, I watch the TV shows I want to watch! Ok, I do have to ask….art supplies in the bathroom???

  2. Oh, I’d be so guilty of spreading out like that! Love this project, especially the sweet photo.

  3. Love this! I also eat things he does not like! Have fun cleaning up!

  4. Ein wirklich wundervolles Layout, ihr seid ja sooo süß ihr zwei. Also eigentlich mache ich genau die gleichen Sachen wie du, wenn mein hubby weg ist. Ich versinke an meinem Schreibtisch, sehe all die amerikanischen Serien und Filme, die er nicht mag, esse haufenweise Schokolade 😦 (jetzt nicht mehr) und breite mich auch im ganzen Haus aus. Liebe Grüße Birgit

  5. (When I was married) the first thing I conquered was total control of the TV remote. Second was absolutely no ESPN!! LOL. Then I became a non-cleaning, non-cooking, craft when I want to, couch potato!! But eventually Dorothy had to return to Kansas 🙂

  6. I get lost in my studio and refuse to cook anything. When he is home we both have studios upstairs and bother each other 😉

  7. I tend to move art stuff (well, MORE art stuff) upstairs from the basement studio when the Breakfast Guy is away and carve stamps, etc. at the dining room table, and I don’t cook, either!

  8. Sue Clarke says:

    Have a fun time with hubs. I tend to take over the kitchen counters and the kitchen table with scrappy supplies (I always have the dining room table anyway). LOL

  9. Jenny Palmer says:

    HI Nat
    I dream of time on my own I am a carer for my husband and children [all have disabilities]
    so what would I do SLEEP lol

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