In The Fall…or Be the Change You Want to See

I stumbled across this video by Steve Cutts, which is funny and sad at the same time- and I love the message!

Attention: This video contains cruel comic movie elements (I don’t really think…so …but I wanna be on the safe side here) …if you have a problem with cruelty in Bugs Bunny Cartoons  you might be better off looking at something else . Don’t email me to complain if you think this is the worst thing someone ever has done to you, just don’t visit my blog anymore because I might post things like this again …




Wishing you wonderful fall day…eh – I mean as in the season “fall” not as in the movie “fall” meaning 😉

huge hugs



  1. What a fun video and I hope you post more things like this!

  2. Thank you for sharing that video. I have a few people I am going to forward it to. Sadly, we need the reminder often to enjoy the moment.

  3. Very cute, funny, and clever–except for the guy going splat on the concrete.

  4. Sue Clarke says:

    I love the smile on his face as he realizes that he should really enjoy the last few seconds of his life. Now just to be able to remember this every day. Funny (and sad) how often we need these reminders. TFS Nat.

  5. Anne Porretta says:

    This play on words is a brief but funny reminder to enjoy the “fall” — and the journey before the fall as life goes by so quickly. Thanks for posting, Nat!

  6. So true – time is just flying by. Enjoying fall here as well!

  7. Jenny Palmer says:

    Hey Nat that was so cool loved him just crusin at the “end”

  8. That was great!! Happy Fall day to you too.

  9. Genial, danke fürs zeigen. Genau dieses Video sollte man sich jeden Morgen ansehen, wenn man mit seiner Arbeit unzufrieden ist! Super, liebe Grüße Birgit

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