There’s life in the old dog yet

4 1/2 years ago I created this layout called “Old”. I loved it so much- you know it was for me one of those layouts, when you create something and you are actually love what you did. For a long time it was a favorite of mine. It was also created in a time when I was still thinking that publishing something would define my value of my work….I submitted this layout like crazy and it was never taken. Oh well…I still loved it and that is why this layout had a place in my gallery.

Here is the journaling:

What is all the fuss about getting older? When I’m old I will be wrinkled, funny, kept and sunny- just like this car. Remind me of this writing in 20 years, ok? :-)

San Francisco, 2001

Fast Forward 4 1/2 years later , with lots of wrinkles more 😉 I received an email by one of the Somerset Memories Editors, telling me, that she stumbled across this layout in my gallery and she would like to publish it. Can you imagine how giddy I was? Yes, there’s life in the old dog yet. And the moral of the story? Well…don’t think that just because something you submitted and wasn’t taken is not good enough, don’t think just because you didn’t make it to a design team or just because something else you applied for wasn’t taken, that you are not good enough. It might have been just the wrong time or the wrong place. Just don’t give up ! Believe in what you love!

What are you thoughts of getting older?

Huge hugs





  1. *wie sag ichs jetzt richtig ;-)* ich find das layout hammer! und ich finds beneidenswert – weil wenn ich mir meine layouts von vor 4 jahren anseh – gefallen mir nicht mehr viele *fg*….

    hm mein mann hat mir zum 30er eine skulptur geschenkt – mit einem 18 – wobei der 8 zum unendlich zeichen umgekippt war – sprich unendlich liebe, für immer 18 *und noch viel mehr ;-)* erschreckend find ich es, wenn ich mal die zeit finde und vorm spiegel steh und jetzt auch in der rechten ecke ein büschel schneeeeweisse haare seh und mir dann doch gedanken kommen, ob ich älter werde …. so blöde gedanken werden mit schokolade erstickt hehe

    mädl – du bist halt einfach die beste, weil du authentisch bist und du den leuten mit deiner art alles rüberbringst *ich bald deutsch-du werden sehen hehe*

    bussal aus wien

    PS: telefonisch nichts erreicht- ich geh am sonntag in die kirche – ich hoffe du weisst, was das für ein opfer is 😉

  2. Ganz genau so ist es! Aber wir Frauen sind ja sowieso immer zu selbstkritisch. Ein Wahnsinns-Layout und ich ich lieeeebbbbee das Journaling. Keep on, hugs Birgit

  3. LOL, funny you ask. I don’t “feel” as if I’m older, meaning I still think I’m this young kid, sadly especially this year I’ve noticed that my skin doesn’t seem to think so. I’ve noticed a lot more fine lines and wrinkles. it’s not that I’m vain – I’m not but with only two more years until I hit 50, the lines and wrinkles just make me realize how fast time flies by. So basically…. NOPE, don’t like it at all. 🙂

  4. Sue Clarke says:

    Glad to hear that the LO will be shared in a publication since it’s so original.
    My thoughts on getting older? How much time do you have? LOL
    I am 48 and the older I get the less that I know (I’m not the first to say this).
    I know that about 40 I started to not care at all what people thin of me and that has given me great freedom to just be me. Many people love me and some just stay away.
    No problem. I am young at heart and enjoy playing with children and dogs. They always accept me for who I am.
    Enough for now. Peace<3

    • I love what you say that around 40 you didn’t care that much about what other thinks of you…I feel the same is becoming true more and more and it is so relieving! Loves 🙂 Nat

  5. Begin rant.
    I’m a luddite in the world of old = bad. I simply do not understand why we literally buy into the myth that growing up is somehow wrong or (even worse) evil. Everything, absolute everything grows up, gets old, and dies. Animals, trees, stars, galaxies. What’s the big deal? Is our race so all fire superior that we can cheat the inevitable process and escape the cycle with a $300 jar of cream? A new dress? A new, younger mate? Life is a friggin miracle! The endless cycles of life are a miracle! I’m humbled and honored to be part of it. It’s far more important to put something into the lives of others and the future then it is to put money into Revlon/Clarol/Gucci. Be a luddite and join every single speck of everything in the universe and grow old. Have it be o.k. to be who you are at exactly this age and this moment.
    End rant.

  6. Nathalie – you and Julie Fei-Fan Balzer are my absolute favourite bloggers! You two always bring something so real and alive to every day! You two are the best! And, I am so happy for you with this ‘old dog’s’ new life!

  7. Harriet Garrison says:

    ps. How did you make all the little white circles in the layout?? They look raised but can’t tell for sure. Thanks again!!!

  8. Harriet Garrison says:

    I REALLY love that layout and the wise words you spoke about not thinking you aren’t good enough, just be patient, was something I needed to hear!!!!! As an artist I think we fluctuate day to day about whether we are good or not. There is always someone better (and younger) out there, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t good in our own “artful” ways…..everyone has different tastes for different things. Art is a million different things to a million different people…just do what you love and makes you happy…someone will come along and share that happiness!!! (War of Art is a neccessary book for everyone!!! thanks for mentioning it awhile ago). You ROCK!!!!!

  9. oh wow !! Love this layout and the journaling too !!

  10. Nancy Sapp says:

    LOVE your yellow truck layout. Old trucks have character, don’t you think?? As for getting old – I’m ALREADY there. I’ve got the wrinkles to prove it but maybe I should think of them as “character lines!”
    Furthermore – you’re very cute & I’m sure you don’t have wrinkles…
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Oh I love this!! May IU ask what size this is?

  12. Congrats! And that is a good reminder for all of us!!! I have a HUGE birthday (60) coming in February. I keep telling everyone that I am not going there. That one is freaking me out:)

  13. MichaelaBM says:

    Love your Layout!
    My body might get older and the grey hart might get more but my mind and heart still stay young 😉
    Hugs Michaela

  14. Hello from France! I consider getting older is for the lucky ones. I have just turned 55 and I hope I’ll have many other birthdays. Of couse I don’t look as I did when I was 20 and I am not going to lie, there are days when I don’t like my face and my body, but when I think of it the most important is not there. Getting older also means seeing my son grow into a man, sharing my experiences, having plans, lots of reasons to be happy. I love your lo!

    • Muriel I love how you said that – getting older is for the lucky ones! That is such a beautiful way to say it! I wish you many many more birthdays to come too!!!!! Huge hugs

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