La Dolce Vita Part IV: Amalfi Coast


Last Post from Italy 🙂 We rented a car in Rome and drove down to the Amalfi Coast where hubs had rented a little house this time. To get to this amazing place in a little town called Positano though…one had to climb 200 of these evil steps!


There are 3 things that run through your my mind mind while hiking up

  1. The place he picked better be “extraordinary-ly” awesome!
  2. How do they ever get a new laundry machine up here?
  3. Hundred steps up to our own apartment at home without an elevator are really not THAT bad!

But it was all good- the house we had had an amazing terrace- the one in the front right here, which spans around on the right. We also had an amazing stocked kitchen that made it possible to cook a lot and spent a lot of evenings and mornings on the terrace! And look at the view – you can see capri from there.


One day hubs we decided to hike up to this church build in 1400. …pretty steep way up – this was taken when we already made half of the hike and about 2500 evil steps…


There were 4 things that went through my mind on that hike

  1. This church better be really beautiful
  2. 200 evil stairs to the Positano-Apartment are not THAT bad
  3. I guess they hadn’t had a laundry machine in 1400
  4. If you do that every day…you look pretty good …shape wise


The good thing about hauling your camera with you is that you have a good excuse in getting very interested in for example olive trees and take a lot of pictures from all angles for the purpose of stopping and trying to breathe a bit 😉

Well- the church was VERY beautiful and worth every single step…and stair…

I loved this church because it was beautiful in it’s simplicity…no pomp …


just sitting on this amazing plateau with this breathtaking view


We went to Capri one day- drove to Sorrento and then took the ferry. BTW driving…adventurous ….


Tour busses were only allowed in one direction – but the public busses of course in both. I think you have to prove you are a crazy person before you can apply for being a bus driver at the Amalfi Coast. You also have to wear GIGANTIC sunglasses. Those guys were COOL though…


well …back to Capri – beautiful!!!


just way too many people like us there… 😉


And here we could see our town Positano from Capri


The last day we went to Amalfi


We had a good time there…I bought some really nice handmade Amalfi Paper…love it…and will probably be very hesitant to use it for the next months- LOL (ohhh what project would be good enough to use this up???)



It was a wonderful vacation – especially after the crazy summer I had and also to get some sun as this was the WORST summer ever in Hamburg. I am freezing right now …LOL. So you made it through this vacation too- hope you enjoyed some of those pictures.

How many steps are there to the place where you live?

huge hugs







  1. sandra gwilliams says:

    beautiful photos!

  2. Sue Clarke says:

    That “breathtaking view” is truly BREATHTAKING (it doesn’t even look real)!

  3. Wow A-MA-ZING!!!

  4. My home!!!!!!I write from Naples! I like you loved my places 😀

  5. LaurieJay says:

    Even though I visited Italy and Capri once, many years ago, I found your photo of Capri heart-stoppingly beautiful.

  6. Nancy Sapp says:

    Nathalie – Your wit is charming, your pictures stupendous & make us all jealous. Cold, damp & gloomy today is central IL, USA. Only 1 step into our house! Guess that’s very good as there are 12 steps to the basement to do the laundry & I’ve fallen down them 3 times! Can U say “Clumsy?”
    Thanks for sharing,
    Grandma (to 2 beautiful Blonde grandsons) Nancy Sapp

  7. OH!! beautiful images……………for dreams.

  8. Oh what beautiful pictures! Now you must have very toned legs from all of those steps! Not many steps – we Canadians drive way too much and walk not enough!

  9. Gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

  10. 6 steps to the house….Nat these photos are INCREDIBLE…to be able to visit places like this is a dream for me!

  11. Gorgeous! I think more and more about Italy as the Vermont winter approaches. I didn’t realize I’d have to take steps into consideration, though! 😉 Only three steps here, two if you come in through the garage!

    • Oh I love Vermont and I love the winter there too…well at least I have been in Vermont one time during winter time. But I hear you…I could live with some more sun too 😉

  12. The stairs a maybe the driving not so much. Thank you for sharing.

  13. omg WOW!!
    jealous much, your photos are glorious!
    no steps here, just a gently sloping driveway 🙂

  14. Great photos, they confirmed my wish to visit Capri & Positano even more. And if I start training now, I should be ready for those steps in about, oh, five years or so. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your Italian adventure.

  15. LOL just one floor and I usually … (well, always) take the elevator 🙂
    How beautiful places. On my wish list…

  16. What a wonderful holiday … your photos are beautiful!

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