Fall is the Spring of Winter…or Blogover

I did some spring cleaning in fall and redesigned my blog. And no…it wasn’t really planned..ahem…don’t even go there…don’t even ask- LOL.

So anyway,  two days of nonstop tweaking, hair pulling and some smiles in between resulted into what you see around here.

There are some new things- there are some old things, some moved, some are maybe new to you, some are redusted..well…let me show you a little video  🙂

Let me know what you think about the new blog look – I love your feedback 🙂

huge hugs



  1. Love it!! Very clean, inviting and easy to navigate. You did an awesome job. I started creating my own page and it took me forever to just get the header and a sidebar set up. Haven’t even posted on it (BLOG FRIGHT!!!) Maybe one day.

  2. well done, i like the new, clean look!!!

  3. Looks great!! Very sharp!

  4. Hi Nat–I like your new blogover. It’s great that you get so many comments. I know I’m not anywhere near as well-known as you, but I wish people would comment on my blog. They did when I started it in August and now I only get views and no comments, or people comment in an email because they can’t figure out how to comment on my blog. Oh well, what do you want for free–I use Google’s Blogspot!
    I’d love to hear your input. Thanks, Deb Pierro

    • Hi Deb, thank you so much for your words! I am sorry you are disappointed about not getting that many comments.I know that can be so discouraging and I so hope that it won’t. Don’t take it too close to your heart!!! Let me say a couple things in the hope that makes you feel a bit better:
      1. I have many many posts that have not ONE single comment or only 1 – sometimes I post a tutorial and put a lot of heart into that and still get only 2 comments…so that happens to many of us…
      2. I never post for comments- yes I love them but I also post because I want to share things…just keep it up…don’t give up because of comments- you do not post solely for comments, I am sure. If I would…I would have given up sometimes 😉
      3. People have busy lives and I know that too. So I don’t blame people for not commenting. For example I have over 1000 blogs in my feedreader, I cannot simply all the time leave comments for all of them – and I am sure that is the same vice versa sometimes for my blog. Also you never know how people read the blog posts- if they read it on a mobile divice – ipad, phone etc. it is really tricky and heart to comment sometimes. And a lot of people read blogs via the feed reader and that makes them too lazy to do the extra click to leave a comment.
      4. When I was going to click on your name to go to your blog I got a message that the blog was not found. Not really sure why – but maybe something is off with your blog? That could be a reason too ?
      In any event- never never give up if you really enjoy blogging. I blog since 2006 and I could not imagine not doing it anymore- it is my voice, my outlet and my memory keeper. That thought helps me through the not so many comment times – maybe it could help you to!

      Send me your blog addy- so I can take a peak and once in a while leave you a comment.

      Huge hugs

  5. Sue Clarke says:

    You know that I love to leave you comments Nat.
    It is a more professional, clean cut look.
    Mind you I loved the old one too.
    It is more intuitive and I think that categories are a bit easier to find.
    At the end of the video did you say “shoes” or “toodle ooh’s”…LOL?

    • Thank you Sue- you are the best- I look forward everyday to your comments!!! hahahaha- at the end of the video I say : Tschss ….which is the German word for Bye If Americans say it….like Julie 😉 it sounds like Shoooeeesss huge hugs nat

  6. If I am already a subscriber to your blog, do I have to re-subscribe to get the N-Studio blog?

    • Hi Sandy,that shouldn’t be the case as my url did not change. But did you get the new blog post in your reader? If so, then you do not have to do anything.
      Have a gorgeous day!!!

  7. A very clean and fresh but will miss your cheeks rosy.

  8. I like it, I also find it cleaner and easier to read. I’ll miss your pic with the rosy cheeks though 🙂

  9. I like it, Nat! It’s good to clean house once in a while and same with blogs. 🙂

  10. I like this fresh and clean look! Well done, Nat! 🙂

  11. For some reason you have disappeared off my blog reader…is this why? Love the new look and now you have me thinking…hmmmmmm!

    • Whaaaattt, LOL- you don’t like me anymore 😦 mmh – weird about the feed reeder, I hope it wasn’t a glitch. It is lot’s of fun withe the Blogover…welll….at least when it is done 😉

  12. I like the new look!!!!!

  13. My first thought was that it was much easier to read, so usability is improved right away! Love the dropdown menus. I’m assuming ‘students about workshops’ are your testimonials. I would label them as such, and maybe place them in your ‘about’ menu rather than the ‘workshops’ menu. As others have said, a nice and clean look! I like it!

    • Thank you for your input – usability is important . Mhhh- that is a good point you brought up about the Testimonials- I think I did it because not everyone from other countries knows what a Testimonial is – translation wise….but I like your idea about putting it in the About Menue- I will think about this! thank you!

  14. Well, the important thing is that you like your new look. Honestly I would like to see more of your artwork in the leading banner. I find clean and simpl cold. But I love your artwork a lot and all you do is interesting to me.

    • Ahh Suzanne, thank you for your sweet words. I do like simple when I read stuff…but I was also a bit hesitant on the blog, because I still wanted to reflect that I am an artsy painty person…I hope I somehow managed to keep that. Have a wonderful day!!!! hugs

  15. Very nice, Natalie!

  16. Vicki Chrisman says:

    Very cool Nat.. clean and crisp. Man… doing a blog revamp is something I have been thinking about for …oh….. 2 years atleast..but I’m SCARED.lol You go girl!

    • vIc, it is not as bad as it looks…kind of…LOL. I knew what I wanted but the lack of html knowledge makes it a bit hard if you know what you want. Kind of like when you have the picture of the perfect pair of shoes in your head and then go shopping….not too easy. But if you are open in the result I think it is a bit easier.

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