#iahappycab or Tribute Present to the Cab Ride of our Life

Some of my readers might remember the post in 2010 when I went to Warsaw. My husband was attending and speaking at a conference there with some friends and I joined them. Well..it was a pretty eventful journey, which ended with being stuck in Warsaw because of the ash cloud. And so….I can say …I took once a taxi cab from Warsaw, Poland back to Hamburg, Germany. LOL.

We took some fun photos and tweeted along the ride with the hashtag #iahappycab and my friend Andrea who was part of this journey always wanted a canvas as a memory from that trip.

And so there it is – by this time I should have handed it to him in Rome, Italy 🙂

What is your funniest travel experience?

Huge hugs



  1. Wow – what a story. I will have to think if I have any. LOVE the canvas.

  2. The background work is something out of this world ❤

  3. Kathy Gledsdale says:

    Love the background, the whole thing is lovely.

  4. Love the texture and colors in that canvas, Nat, and the story! I just started following your blog this January, so hadn’t read the post about your epic journey! Memorable, indeed!! Sometimes, well, OFTEN, it is the hiccups and kinks in travel plans that make the trips that much more memorable.

    My 3 besties from High School and I try to get together for a girls weekend once a year, and the silliness that ensues makes every trip a fun adventure!

  5. I remember this story and what a great LO for it.
    My first plane ride from MA to NM was fun and a bit scary.
    The other folks on the plane must have thought I was nuts as I stared out the window looking over the clouds.
    Not the best adventure story but the one that comes to mind right now (on a dreary Sunday a.m.).

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