(Re)touching Lives Through Photos

The following video by Becci Manson made me tear up. Photos are dear to my heart. I just had this conversation with my grand-aunt Waltraud who couldn’t understand why I would redo a new photo album for my grand-aunt Margot, who just recently had to move to an elderly home. “She doesn’t care about those old photos”. I said “Yes she does, she actually asked for them!” Looking at those old photos was a big part of my visits with my aunt Margot – it is one of my fondest childhood memories. I can totally understand that for aunt Margot after being taken away from her home, those photos will give her a feeling of home and consolation.

But listen and see yourself how Becci talks about how she, together with local volunteers and a global group of colleagues recruited online, helped to restore memories after the Tsunami in Japan.

I am touched by the willingness of Becci Manson and other volunteers to help with their skills- it amazes me and makes me remember that help, consolation and hope can have many faces! Thank you Becci Manson and the volunteers for this reminder!

“[Photos are] our memory-keepers and our histories, the last thing we would grab [in a crisis], and the first thing you’d go back to look for.” (Becci Manson)



  1. I always say that after my son, hubby and dog…I would grab my scrapbooks (if my house were on fire). Maybe I should just grab the computer though…it’s lighter and has most of the photos on it.

  2. OH I so agree Nat!My grandfather on my Dad’s side was a professional photographer and every once in awhile we are able to locate one of the postcards created from his work. I love that you are redoing your Aunt’s album 😉

  3. What a wonderful thing! Those old photos are treasures to be cherished.

  4. Nat thank you for sharing
    Such a beautiful message of how we can use our skills to make good
    And how important our photos are, today folks take 100s of pics in a day, for those of us who have lost everything in a war or disaster, every image is precious

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