I want to bathe in…or My Favorite Mixed Media Essentials

I often get emails asking me about my favorite tools or supplies and I actually love those emails because they make me think of why I tend to use some things all the time.

Is it laziness? What is it about these items that make me grab for them whenever I create a Mixed Media Project?

One of the answers that came up for almost all of them is “I use them because of their versatility of usage” . That is an easy guess for an answer- LOL- since I named my favorite Online Workshop series Über*Media playing on the fact that you can use some items so MANY different ways.

But let me take you the next couple weeks on a little journey on my favorite Mixed Media essentials and explain why I could bathe in them and show you where I used them. I hope you will enjoy my new little series starting tomorrow 🙂

Wishing you a creative monday !




  1. I think it will be very interesting. I already want to bathe in them!

  2. Angelika Westermann says:

    Hi Nathalie, I just watched the introduction video of your überMedia class for acrylics and was fascinated by the music. Could you please tell me what it is? And moreover – can I book these classes yet? Thanks in advance, Angelika

  3. Sue Clarke says:

    Ready to take the journey!

  4. Sounds fun!

  5. I really would love to know all about your favourit materials. Count me in on your journey! XXX

  6. Of course I will join you tomorrow!

  7. Can’t wait!! 🙂 Love your style and projects!

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