Altered Brush Project or…A Heart of Gold

A couple weeks ago I received a brush in the mail by Donna Downey asking me do to something fun for her studio with it. Donna is currently running a fun Altered Brush Project and she just opened it up to the public as she wants to fill the walls …and probably because artists are slow…Like me – LOL- it took me a while to tackle the task 😉


The beginning was easy as I knew I wanted to add texture to the brush


But then my first idea using those colors wasn’t the way I wanted it the next morning


So I over sprayed following my often said advice “if it is ruined, just paint over again ” and I decided for this


supplies: Liquitex Gesso, Liquitex Spray Paints, Liquitex Heavy Gel Medium, Liquitex Acrlylic Inks, Clay, Canvas Fabric, Cheese Cloth


It was fun and definetly a challenge to do something creative on an unusual surface 🙂

“What was the most unusual surface you have created something on?”

Have an amazing day



  1. That texture came out SO COOL!! Yeah, I can’t think of any unusual surface I’ve created on. Even digging back into childhood, the best I can come up with is we made fish by gathering a bar of soap up into a piece of tulle netting (the fluff of which was the fish’s tail) and sticking pins through sequins into the soap to create scales and an eye. Hmm. I wonder if my mother still has that tucked into a drawer as a sachet somewhere… 🙂

  2. Debi Crouse says:

    Brilliant…perfect colors and texture.

  3. Sue Clarke says:

    I especially like how the texture came out on the bristles themselves.
    The colors look great and will really show up on the wall.
    Most unusual surface? A wooden frame (not too original or unusual but it’s all I got to share). LOL

  4. Julie Bonomo says:

    Love the message with your art. thank you!

  5. Who would have thought…………
    I have done nothing more exciting than canvas:)

    Here is a link to a canvas I started a long time ago and just finished. I think I started it because of that video with two men painting the sunset landscape

  6. Love your brush!! You definitely have a heart of gold!

  7. wunderschön!

  8. Me ha gustado mucho como lo has resuelto, lo mas inusual que he creado hasta el momento es un mini album en una bisagra.

  9. Lovely. I am loving all the altered brushes. I may have to give this a go.

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