You can see beauty in many things!

I thought this was so beautiful – a movie on Paper Marbeling by Oguz Uygur! Makes me want to play

Where did you find beauty today?



  1. Beautiful!! I have a date with Alicia to marble paper. She has the right supplies. My attempts so far have been a bit… well, not so good. Such an interesting technique. Thanks for this video.

  2. Glad I took the time to watch this – totally beautiful and fascinating to watch! I live in a place full of natural beauty – saw 3 lovely deer this morning!

  3. Thank you for sharing that video! I love marbled papers, and I even have a couple of the flower marbles like he does in the video. Not much beauty yet in my day, except in the ring my mom made me at CREATE. But I plan to go outside at lunchtime and find as much beauty as I can 🙂

  4. Wow! Thank you! That was a wonderful video clip! My eyes would not blink as I watched almost through the whole thing!

  5. I love all of your inspirational videos! This one was absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing:)

  6. Sue Clarke says:

    So that’s how that beautiful paper is made!
    I found beauty in my son’s laugh this morning as he played with our dog.

  7. oooooooh, that’s so lovely!!
    Thanks for sharing, I’m off to play too now :-))

  8. Hace tiempo que he estado viendo vídeos de la técnica del Ebru y me parece una técnica maravillosa, y de lo mas bella llena de posibilidades y desde luego tengo que probarla.Y este artista me parece increíblemente bueno en su trabajo.
    gracias por compartir Nath.

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