Let’s Help “A Place To Bark” with Live from CHA

Charity Wings is a wonderful non-profit organization which has a two-fold mission.  One to support Artists, Crafters, and Scrapbookers who want to raise money and awareness for their favorite causes. Two to offer the community unique and creative opportunities to give.

This year Charity Wings organizes Live From CHA – fundraising towards Bernie Berlin’s “A Place To Bark ” and Meow too . Many might know Bernie Berlin who is an amazing Mixed Media Artist. She founded this organization many years ago to rescue dogs, taking in the dogs that have been abandoned, abused or police confiscated. She quarantines, fosters, retrains, transports & adopts. Cats are also welcome at her rescue. She is drawn to the unwanted, unloved and misunderstood. Hoping to educate and effect change for the animals that do not have a voice of their own.

This totally speaks to me as my Mom has been an animal rescuer for an animal protection organization as long as I can remember. We always had all kinds of mistreated dogs and cats at home for some time and lot’s of the work that Bernie does I know from my Mom and I admire. If you have ever seen how thankful those little friends are after you helped them, you know what I mean.

Here is the gist of LIVE from CHA:
-Basically, if you can’t attend the show, we attend for you!
JUST $10 to join and you get entered into 45 drawings worth over $4500!
-You get to chat online with 45 manufacturers and designers from the show floor.
-Anyone anywhere in the world can watch from their internet connection
-They are raising money for A Place to Bark a wonderful rescue run by Bernie Berlin

I will give away a free ticket to one of you who helps Charity Wing to promote this event either on your own blog, Facebook or twitter or who buys a ticket and tells me so here in the comment section (I will trust you !) . Simply leave me a note you did so and I will draw a name on the 15th and send it to Charity Wings so you get your raffle ticket.

I will also donate a package to the raffle and you will see me LIVE and at LIVE from CHA  😉

It would be wonderful if you would join!

Have a gorgeous day


  1. I shared it to my Facebook and thru my twitter account at twitter.com/cropandchatclub

  2. Andrene says:

    I am such a sucker when it comes to animals – bought 5 tickets and liked on Facebook. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. I tried posting a few times and i just wanted to say thanks for helping this great cause. I got five tickets! woot woot. Great job Nathalie

  4. belxsar says:

    Hi Nathalie,

    Got home from my first class with you at Bizzy B’s tonight and checked out your blog/website. What a worthy cause (I love animals too! 🙂 )…..so of course I had to go and buy 5 tickets. Thanks for alerting me to such a great event and organization! Looking forward to spending the rest of the weekend in classes with you! =)

  5. Hi Nathalie,

    Got home from your class at Bizzy B’s tonight and checked out your blog/website and saw this post. Sounds like such a great cause (I love animals too! 🙂 ), I had to go and buy 5 tickets! Thanks for alerting me to such a cool event and organization. Looking forward to the rest of your classes this weekend! =)

    • Hi Vicki! Thank you for your help 🙂 Congratulations – you won the raffle ticket – it was a drawing this evening and Bettina s lucky hand picked your name 🙂 Have a wonderful time- Elena from Charity Wings should get in contact with you soon.

  6. Sue Clarke says:

    I will buy 5 raffle tickets for $20 tomorrow Nat.
    Great cause for sure and what a fun raffle to boot!

  7. Gail Bales says:

    Shared on Facebook

  8. Of course I shared that on facebook, well done, thanks, Birgit

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