Love is Making it’s Way Back Home

I found this beautiful video created by Erez Horowitz who used construction papers for this movie- it is fun!

I love the stencil work – and the tune 🙂

Have an amazing day



  1. suzieq23 says:

    you always find the most unusual videos! I really enjoyed this, the song, and the way the stencils were used. WOW and thanks.

  2. I am beaming! This was so fun! Thank you for finding it, and for sharing it!

  3. They did a wonderful job with the artwork in this video! Loved it!

  4. Mary Werner says:

    How do you find these meaningful videos? Not only beautiful to look at but so interesting to watch and take in. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Wow, very cool!!

  6. pearlmaple says:

    Fabulous find Nat,
    have not heard that tune before but think it will be my new theme song for the next 10 days
    how cool are those stencils

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