Second Floor Challenge #6: Pencil

Are you ready to take the second floor this time? If you have no clue what I am talking about- read all about it here :) The Second Floor Challenge

So today is our 6th Second Floor Challenge: Pencil

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Whatever that means to you or however it inspires you.  The prompt is simply meant to get you started.  The level of challenge you aim for is entirely internal and up to you.

So we decided this challenge should be to use a pencil. And I have to say I was really looking forward to this. I just recently purchased a Sketching set of pencils by Derwent because….I remembered how much I love pencils – although I can’t sketch at all 😉

 I picked an image of a frame that I still had of some amazing Danyeela Paper and traced it with the Saral Transfer Paper on a piece of cardstock with a pencil.
then I started playing with the different pencils HB, 2B and 4B
I liked realizing again the different possibilities of the pencils and then I took some Derwent Artbars and started painting the background
I took it to the second floor by adding the journaling also with the pencil – so in total I only used pencils, Artbars, Adhesive and a Photo for this layout
hehehe- this photo of Julie had to be used some day…don’t you think 😉
 I am not super happy with the outcome. The frame looks ok- and I like the pencil painting- but actually I don’t like the rest…It didn’t look good without any paint surrounding it but I wonder if a softer looking medium like PanPastels would look better around it.
What I learned from this challenge:
  1. I was reminded that it is fun to play with different pencils – something about their smoothness makes me happy.
  2. I liked playing with the tracing paper – I hadn’t used it before and I can see some fun possibilities using it
  3. I would rather have used Panpastels that would have left a softer background here to have the pencil frame more set off
  4. It was fun using some of the Artbars on the pencil frame- the way how the waxy Artbars react with the pencils is fun
  5. I like using a pencil for journaling
  6. It was calming to work so long with just a few supplies – instead of feeling limited I felt actually kind o relieved and I had more ideas just focusing on them
  7. I still can’t draw….a 2 year old draws nicer pencil pictures then me- there will be only ever be tracing for me 😉

If you’d like to leave a link showing off what you did in response to this challenge, here’s the linky list:

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  1. Thank you as always for making us push our limits!

  2. Totally awesome!
    grtz, Mazina

  3. Hi Nathalie! You’ve inspired me to use pencil more, especially when it comes to journaling! As for your creative piece, I like it! It has “Nathalie” written all over it!

  4. I love the sound of a graphite pencil on paper, especially when writing text–the random staccato of start/stop, T’s being crossed and i’s being dotted. But I haven’t had success or liked what I’ve done with pencil in my art journal, and I think it is because I think of pencil as impermanent, and I am uncomfortable leaving it vulnerable. Weird! Maybe I will apply fixative to my 2nd floor pencil challenge. Love that picture of Julie, and that you fussy cut around her–really makes for a fun layout. And I do like the green/blue shading effect around your cool frame, too.

  5. Deborah Pierro says:

    Nathalie–I love what you did here, even though you are not that happy with it. The part I love the most is the humor in it! It is really a cool piece.

  6. Ahh was für eine geniale Idee mit dem Transparent Papier! Da hätt ich auch drauf kommen können! *augenroll*
    Dein Bild gefällt mir sehr! Ja, vielleicht probier ich das auch mal… Stifte würden hier ja genug rumliegen… ;-)))
    xo Maria

  7. Sue Clarke says:

    The ;photo of Julie is fun on this LO and I too enjoy using just pencil sometimes (especially in a notebook that I carry in my purse).

  8. Hi Nathalie. I love your honesty about your work. Not to be disappointed when it’s not what you had in mind. Even when you have a few materials to work with it still feeds your art soul.. Thank you for sharing your art and thoughts with us. Huge hugs, Tineke/TeedeJee

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