Procrastination or The Life of a Creative

sigh….so true…welcome to my life 😉

Are you procrastinating too?




  1. That is so me too!! I only wish I could procrastinate that creatively 🙂

  2. Love it! Forwarding this immediately to my hubby, who is outside with his computer and his designing partner. They are having a ball, watching a bunch of videos, and I KNOW nothing is getting done on the project they got together to focus on! Lol!

  3. Sue Clarke says:

    I so love this video Nat!
    At the end it says something about a kit and I could think of was how creative I would be if I had THAT kit. Silly me, I have more supplies here then the average small store…I just need to use them!!!
    Love the quirky things that you share on your blog.

  4. LOL! I loved it!!!!

  5. mjmarmo says:

    Love this!!!

  6. I so wish I could procrastinate like this!!! Love it!!!

  7. Brillant! We’ll see if I start proscratinating now that I’m officially a SAHA…that
    ‘s stay at home artist 😉

  8. Ich verstehe zwar den Sinn nicht *Asche auf mein Haupt*, aber das zeichnerische Talent ist ja sooo toll anzusehen. *etwasneidischbin*
    Ach ja, bist du das?
    LG samsch

    • leider bin ich das nicht- ich kann gar nicht zeichnen 😉 Das Video zeigt wie jemand, der etwas kreatives auf ein weißes Blatt Papier bringen will, alles möglich malt, zeichnet und kreatives macht, aber eben nicht auf dem weißen Blatt Papier 😉

  9. If only my procrastination looked like that video! Mi’e a more of a wandering around, white paper only type of thing. 🙂

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