Little Date with Max, Andy and Pablo or I am OK

Attention: This Blog Post contains art work that shows nudity and some cruelty, if you have a problem with this, you might be better off looking at something else 🙂

This weekend I indulged again in a little ME-Day at the Hamburger Kunsthalle (art museum) again – and oh I so love it!

Amazing part of a painting by Max Ernst “Grätenblumen” (1929) – love the texture! Overpainted the painting underneath and then used the texture as an inspiration for his new piece.

Talking about how artists used other art to make new art. Like Andy Warhol or Horst Janssen using postcards with art work to create new art.

Then our little group went to the workshop room and we had a huge amount of art postcards for selection.

And the fun began 😉 Just picking some cards and then start looking what you could do with them. Here is what I picked first :

Combining Albrecht Dürer and Andy Warhol together to this

Or looking at a Pablo Picasso “Woman in red armchair” (1939)

and turning her into the Red Haired Girls’ Scout- LOL 😉 (she is big on eye shadow I think 😉 )

We had so much fun- I can’t tell you how much this group of mostly older women and a couple younger ones were giggling and laughing throughout the day. We had a wall going where we were just pinning our cards – and it was the best just looking at them in between….turning into more giggles.

I did quite a pile of cards but I show you only one more  – a combination of Albrecht Dürer, Lewis Carroll aka Charles Dodgson Photography and a Lyonel Feininger

What I learned  from this day…actually something about me. “Wow- Nat- impressive, you learned something about yourself on your Me-Day!” 😉

I learned that what I do in my art work is totally ok ….I am ok, my work is ok and I love what I do, that is ALL that counts 🙂 There are other people who get the stuff I am doing and I do not have to feel like an outsider – what will be will be!

I went home filled with lot’s of inspiration and being content about my work. (let me embrace that and stop thinking I sound arrogant- LOL …it might be over tomorrow when the little voice is nagging again- LOL) What a better end than that for a Me-Day 🙂

I wish you a gorgeous day!!!!





  1. What a fabulous day! Thanks for sharing. And I will always still chuckle when I see that disclaimer about nudity. (Yes, I am 12.)

  2. What a fun workshop! Love all the creativity on that wall! Your composites are so cool!

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful me-day Nat!!! Love your pieces!

  4. That class looks like so much fun!!

  5. Patricia Huber says:

    I am glad you went with older women, too. We all have so much in common and older women can be such a source of comfort and support when you need it!

  6. Sue Clarke says:

    What a fun day. I especially like INNOCENT. The bird/human mix always catches my attention. Thanks for sharing your pics.

  7. Sure it’s great you passed, and that would come out many different ideas for every human being is different and irepetibles and have our dark side and our different way of looking at art. Thanks for sharing. a hug

  8. I don’t care what others think of my work. I usually paint pretty flowers, birds etc…but I do have a dark side. I create what I feel and if I am sad, it is sometimes depicted in my work. Or sometimes if something strikes me hard such as youth committing suicide, in order to counsel myself, I work on paper or canvas with my burden. I was chastised once over something I had done four years ago a few months ago….and I was removed as a friend on facebook…oh well! It was an ACEO that I sold with a poem on the back that was counseling young adults to talk it over(suicide is final) that tomorrow was another day… You can’t please everyone…so please yourself with your artwork!

    Excellent pieces! Bravo!

  9. Those are really good, Nat! I would love to see the wall a bit closer. See how others may have used the same images. I would not have thought of the bird on the head…that one really makes me laugh! 🙂

  10. WTG YOU!!!!!!! 🙂 X

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