Thank YOU!…or…wow my blog turns six today

It is hard to believe- six years ago on June 3rd, 2006,  I started blogging about my hobby and then it turned into my profession…

Besides that I love writing – in my limited english way – what do I know?- like 400 words or so, LOL – I enjoy doing this because I love with how many people all over the world I connected through blogging!

In other ways: YOU! are the reason why I love writing my blog and do so continuously. Your comments make my day, the conversations with YOU! inspire me and I love to get to know YOU! wherever YOU! are !

My Blogaversary is actually a celebration of YOU! Thank you for reading, thank you for coming by, thank you for subscribing and thank you for commenting or emailing me sometimes!

To celebrate YOU! I have two give aways!

I give away two class seats in my Über*Media Gesso Class!

The 1st seat: I picked the receiver already! Don’t call this unfair…I actually checked on my blog stats who in all this years commented the most on my blog and I think this person deserves my thank you and first give away 🙂

SUE CLARKE! Thank you so much for your wonderful comments, you make me very happy and I love to read your comments and I so hope one day I will see you in person over the pond and get to hug you and thank you in person. 🙂 Please email me and I send you the access to the class!

And the 2nd ?

Let me know which topics on the n*Studio Blog YOU! would like me to write about.

If you also subscribe to my blog in a reader or via email (sidebar) you double your chances – let me know and I will put your name into the drawing two times 🙂 You have time till June 7th, 2012 midnight CET.  I will have a winner for the gesso class randomly picked. ( If you already took the Gesso class as a student let me know and we can work out a different class ;))

Again- Thank YOU! and have an amazing day




  1. Oops! Forgot to mention that I subscribe to your blog via email! Definitely want my name to be entered twice for your lovely giveaway! I really don’t like gesso (trying not to be judgmental!) and I know it is because I do not know how to use it, so I KNOW I would greatly benefit from your class! Thanks again for the chance!

  2. congratulations! I am fairly new to your blog and enjoy it immensely. I subscribe through RSS so I don’t miss anything. Choosing your most dedicated reader is a great idea!
    I would like to learn more about colour.

  3. Congratulations Nathalie!! I love your heart!!!

  4. Rhonda Zamora says:

    Since Creative Jump Start, I have visited your blog every afternoon. Thanks for all of your instruction and inspiration! I would love to win a spot in your class. I would like to learn more about Gel Medium and Gesso etc..

  5. Congratulations Nathalie…. I just recently discovered your blog (you had a fast forward post on Julies blog) and I’ve been by almost daily ever since 🙂 Right now I’m taking your acrylic class and I’m having so much fun learning all theese new tecniques and incoorporating them in my paintings. learning new stuff and putting your own spin at it is GREAT 🙂 If I had to choose a topic other than the ones you’re allready doing it would be composition. Looking forward to coming back….

    • Anne-Mette says:

      oops… didn’t think my comment had been posted. sorry for the duplicate 🙂

  6. Congratulations Nathalie. I’m a fairly new reader of your blog, but have been coming steady since I discovered you (since you had a fast forward-post on Julies blog 🙂 ) I’m know taking your acrylic class and I’m enjoing it so much and have been incoorporating different techniques in my paintings. always great to learn new stuff and put you own spin at it. If i had to choose a topic other than the things you’re allready doing, it could be composition…. I would love to hear your words on that 🙂
    thank you for the opporunity to win a spot on the gesso-class. (also a medium a just discovered recently….)

  7. Hi Natalie,
    I only recently dicovered your blog – Julie Fei-Balzer pointed me to you some weeks ago and I immediately subscribed to it. What I really loved so far was your discourse on colors. This leads me to the interesting question if you could also give some informal lessons on the integral parts of design – line, space, contrast etc. This is a topic which always seems to be thought of as “has to be known”, however, having no artistic education whatever it often leaves me confused.
    Oh, and by the way: Congratulation to your anniversary and thank you very much for that giveaway. Would love to win it.

  8. Wow, du altes Eisen! 😉 So lang bist du schon dabei und so lang les ich schon deinen Blog! Wahnsinn! Ich finds super das du Schritt in die Selbständigkeit gewagt hast und so erfolgreich bist! Jaja, auch ich gehöre zu den Leuten, die meistens nur lesen, aber leider keinen Kommentar hinterlass – schäm!
    Ich gelobe Besserung! Ich trink dann heut Abend ein Gläschen an dich und wünsch dir weiterhin viel Erfolg und viele glückliche kreative Ergüsse!
    xoxoxoxoxo Maria

  9. Congrates. That shows dedication on your part. I love your blog.

  10. Lisa crofts says:

    Congrats on 6 years natalie. I love all the posts i have read this year. I might have to go back and check out vintage stuff.

  11. Congratulations to Sue! How sweet, Nathalie, to recognize her so! And congratulations to you with your 6 year blogoversary!
    As to topics? Hmmm…I’d love to learn more from you about texture, gesso, acrylic paints … ok, anything! (lol)

  12. Sue Clarke says:

    SIX years is a long time to be giving out free information to the crafty world.
    I am so pleased that you are able to make it your career!
    One day we will meet and I can not tell you how honored I am that you have picked me to receive the free class Nat!
    {BIG HUGS}…your biggest fan:-)

  13. COngrats on 6 years! I’ve been subscribed for a quite a while through google reader. I’m one of those ones who lurks a lot but forgets to comment. I enjoy your tips & tricks kind of posts, but I have to say… my favorite type are the ones when you show something you weren’t satisfied with and then change it to make it something you love. Thanks for all the great posts!

  14. How fabulous, Nat! Congrats on six years of this… bet you had no idea with that first post where you would be, how much in your life would change, and how influential you would be to so many artists and would-be-artists around the world. I am delighted to have met you in person as well as connecting this way on a regular basis! As someone who has taken your class in person as well as online I think my suggestion would be… any thing YOU want to teach, girlfriend!

  15. Liz Thayne says:

    Ni Nat, Happy Blog-aversary! I only discovered your blog a few months ago but I now eagerly await the Email with a new post. I have learned so much from your tutorials and find your post amusing and inspirational. Heres to the next 6 years and more. I must say your English is a million times better than my German! Keep up the good work.

  16. Patricia Huber says:


    I ALWAYS read your blog and often get a big chuckle from them. You have such a nice sense of humor! I’ve especially enjoyed the “color” stories this past week or so. It was good to get a little theory mixed in with your usual comments (not that I don’t like your usual comments ha ha).

    I wish I could take one of your classes in person but unless you come to the east coast of the United States, that might be difficult. Keep up the good work with your blog!

  17. Congratulations Nathalie,
    We love reading your post, they are always very inspirational. Thank you for sharing so much…

  18. christy comstock says:

    I have been loving your posts! The color tutorials have been awesome!!

  19. congratulations natalie 🙂
    go on with what you’re doing and you will be fine
    love most of your works and enjoy having classes of you
    big hug from belgium

  20. Hi Nathalie congrats on six years! I also found you through the creative jump start and THANK YOU for that it really did start me I try to craft every day it does’t always happen though then I go and read blogs so I can get my filll of craftiness for the day lol! I get you through email I am so thankful for your generosity of sharing you talents with us you are so blessed to be artistic I wish everyone good luck and enjoy the classes! I like to read every thing you post you could tell us more about how you started crafting or did I miss that somewhere along the way? Did you craft when you were little? I did crafts when I was little at church at summer camps I try to teach all my little nieces and nephews and kids in my neighborhood it just feels like the right thing to do in this ever so disposable world we live in to be creative:) hugs to you JILL

  21. Cindy Kotora says:

    Congrats, Nat! I have read your blog every day since I clicked on the link from Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s blog(for the Creative Jump Start). I enjoy seeing your creative process. I subscribe via email, so I don’t always comment, but I’m reading every day! I’d LOVE to take the Uber Gesso class! Thanks for sharing your experience and keep up the good work.

  22. Wow!!! Big congrats on Six years Nat!!!!!! I found you through the Creative Jump Start link….not exactly recalling who’s blog I was on when I found it, but so glad I did! You and all the ladies in that series gave me the inspiration and the courage to take the journey I’m on right now:)) So, THANK YOU Nat! I have been following you blog, and have you in my reader….and I follow your tweets too:)
    If you write about anything to do with Gesso and texture, that would be super!

  23. Congratulations Natalie! You say you have limited English or limited writing skills!?!? But many many people love reading your blog! You are an inspiration to us all! I wish I had the ‘gump'(my word) to start one and keep up with it! Keep up the great work!

  24. Happy Blogaversary!! Just keep doing what you do, sharing your creative process. Your artwork is amazing and you share your process in a such an authentic personal way. It really is like watching a friend work. I love it!! Thanks!

  25. Congrats on your blog’s anniversary! I found you some how through Creative Jumpstart…can’t remember where I got the link. I signed up for email subscription right then. I love what you do and appreciate your tutorials!

  26. Karishma Israni says:

    Took a class with you in US a few years ago and can’t wait to take another one!!!!
    Congrats on your sixth birthday!!!!

  27. Wow! Congratulations, Nat! Six years is a huge milestone! I don’t think I even knew what a blog was six years ago! I’m so happy to have come across this inspirational, fun, personal, and COLORFUL blog of yours through Julie’s blog. I now subscribe to you through email and it is like getting a little present when it shows into my Inbox. Hmm…What would I like you to write about on the n*Studio blog? I would love to read some posts about adding texture to your pieces with cheesecloth and other fibers, both underneath and on top of painted layers. Happy Blog-a-versary! ❤

  28. Ich verfolge deinen Blog schon seit deinen Workshops bei den Designtagen der Scrapqueens in Ö. Außerdem bin ich dank Facebook immer informiert über neue Posts. Trotzdem hab ich mich jetzt als Verfolger eingetragen.

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum 6. Bloggeburtstag!! Das gehört wirklich gefeiert!!

  29. Louisa Dubois says:

    Congratulations Nathalie! I’m probally one of the newer followers of your blog and love,love,love it!
    Also am enjoying the Übermedia-workshop!

  30. Thank YOU for all the hard work (and fun work) you do to bring us so much wonderful information and inspiration! I wish you many many more great years! I DO subscribe – through Google Reader. I love to see ANYthing you post (and I love your sense of humor) but I suppose what I love the most are different techniques. You’re awesome, Nat. I’m so glad I’ve had the chance to meet you and hope I can again someday! Blessings!

  31. Congratulations on your 6th year Blogging Anniversary. Thats pretty awesome to be doing strong for 6 yrs. Ive subscribed by email about 9 months ago & LOVED the little art prompt starter vids you did at the beginning of the year.Im happy for you to write about any techniques we could learn & the vids you show of your process are awesome. Id love to earn more about the ins & outs & all the things you can do with gesso & paint & Im loving that youre writing about colour now too. I would be happy if you write about anything mixed media. Thanks so much for the chance to win this class as id love to win a place in this. Congrats again for the 6 yrs & hope to see you around for many more All the best

  32. Congratulations on your 6th Blogging year. Thats a great achievement. I recieve your blog posts by email as you give a ton of inspiration & I dont want to miss a thing. Thanks for the 2 chances to win a seat in the Uber Gesso class. I would dearly Love to learn the ins & outs of Gesso & appreciate the opportunity to win a seat Thanks & hope to see you around for many more years to come xo

  33. suzieq23 says:

    Congrats on your 6th blogiversary (love this word!). I am so glad you started this blog because your art work is amazing and great inspiration for me. I would just love to take your class (in english, right)? Thanks for the opportunity.

  34. suzieq23 says:

    Congrats on your sixth blogging year!! Your art is inspiring and I would just love to take your class! It is in English, right? Thanks, Sue

  35. I love looking back over your blog posts and seeing how your art has developed. I’m only just starting out so it’s very encouraging to see your journey. I hope the next 6 years are even more amazing for you.

  36. Congratulations! Your blog is filled with so much inspiration.

  37. I wanted to let you know congrats on your blog-a-versity! I’ve been reading your blog for years and have totally loved watching your journey into the art world. I remember so many fun things about your adventures…Sommerset Memories…bubble wrap painting…trips to the USA…painting on layouts…all of it was so fun and got me hooked on your style of both writing and creating art. Congrats Nat!

  38. I just discovered you, and have loved following your blog…I even subscribed to it! Happy blog birthday…here’s to many more!

  39. Congratulations! Keep up the amazing work!

  40. Happy bitrhday, and thank you for all the inspiration and joy you share in your blog!
    Hugs, Gunvor

  41. I love reading your blog and get inspiration from you. Good luck and wish you all the best for the future. Hugs

  42. thanks I’ve just started following you but that’s all part of the fun! Check out my blog as well where I talk about different things that are going on at the time.

  43. Just wanted to stop by and wish you a happy Blogoversary x here’s to many more x

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