Colors Are Your Friends or let’s talk a bit of “my” Color Theory IV

I have listed the first 3 posts in this series the bottom of this post in case you are joining a tad later 🙂

OK- so in the last thread we talked about the color wheel and you might think, great…so what am I supposed to do with this round thing of colors? Well well…don’t forget, I am a Kraut…so this is an organized series- LOL. First things first.

Now…sometimes when you have a paint media – things get a bit confusing – like when you buy PanPastels:

OK- so Phthalo Green – and then the same color in a tint and a shade- but what the dillio- what does it mean?

Here is a simple explanation:  A tint is any mixture of a bright “pure” color with white. A shade is any mixture of a “pure” color (also referred to as a hue) with black. A tone is a mixture of gray (white + black) and the “pure” color. (source Wikipedia)

So that actually means if you would just buy PanPastels in the colors Phthalo Green, White and Black- you could actually mix four other colors with those colors:

And because I am a lazy girl- I buy sometimes often the Shades and the Tints too. But if you are totally into mixing or you are on a budget….this is quite good to know, isn’t it?

So now…if you take into account the last post on Colors Are You Friends:

When my students for the PanPastel Class ask me, which colors they should buy for the class – what do you think my answer might be?

Exactly – I tell them to get for the beginning five colors: Yellow, Blue, Red, White and Black. Because…they cannot only mix all the Secondary Colors and the Tertiary Colors with those colors- no no….they can also mix all the Shades and Tints and Tones with those colors. That leaves them with how many possibilities?

Exactly- LOL- I have no clue- but it is a lot 😉

BTW – if you are interested in my Über*Media PanPastel Online Class- you can find it here.

Now that we have talked about the attitudes of our friends, their relationship on the color wheel and their tones and shades behind us- we can really turn our mind to more fun things – and try to answer the question:

But hey- this post today and yesterday was a lot to take in, wasn’t it? Tell you what, I give you a little break and come back next week, singing for you 😉

Have an amazing day with lot’s of tints and shades 🙂




  1. Aha! Thanks Nat, this is a great lesson!

  2. I love your thoughts on color…. Please keep going… 😉

  3. Nancy Sapp says:

    I’ve been painting, sketching & playing with color ever since I was a little girl & I never knew this! I’ve learned SO MUCH in these “Color Friend” blogs.
    Many Thanks!

  4. thank you for your awesome post Nat!

  5. Truly helpful, Nat! Can’t wait for the next post!

  6. Sue Clarke says:

    New information for me…thanks Nat.

  7. I love this series – I always share the link in my blog’s Facebook page as a good source of color theory 🙂

  8. Awesome post (just like all your color-theory-posts) !!! off to add a new link of the day on my page 😉
    bereknuffel 🙂

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