Keep your Eyes on the Stars…or/and Your Feet on the Ground

Theodor Roosevelt said this…well- without the “or” in between – smart man  😉

I had some awesome opportunities coming up this year…and sometimes they would just vanish, or they would just be not as awesome at the second glance or they would be just under ridiculous conditions or they would be just not doable. It is always a crashing experience…because from the high feeling of YEAH-double-fist-up-in-the-air comes the bad fall to reality that hurts a lot.


But ….I start to realize that it is awesome that the opportunities were even showing up…even if they weren’t really opportunities in retrospective LOL – because you know what? There will be always some opportunities coming and some will be just the right ones for me. Actually an awesome opportunity just showed up and it might be really really cool 🙂

With each of those shattered opportunities I learned something…I learned something about myself ….I learned what I want and what I don’t want…and that is pretty cool… Without those shattered opportunities I wouldn’t know myself that much and hey….I spent most of my time with me….hahahahah- so better know this person, don’t you think? LOL

I am not reaching for the stars. I am just reaching for mine. There is one personal star out there shining for just for me…and one just for you, and you and you!

Hope you star is shining bright for you today!

huge hugs




  1. What a beautiful and thoughtful post Natalie! Your art piece amalgamtes with your thoughts so well.

  2. mjmarmo says:

    I love this!! I would also love to use this quote! Wonderful page!!

  3. Such Wisdom, Nat! Thank you! It’s good for me to hear this, and also to realize that not everyone wants the same star, or has the same dreams. Love the strips that you have written on. Are they canvas? Your writing is so clear, it doesn’t look like it is on fabric, and yet, the little bit of fray tells me it is!

  4. jjsobey says:

    yummy yummy texture on this.

    I hope that this new opportunity is really awesome – I look forward to watching your exploits!

    Keeping my eyes open for my star too – it’s a sneaky little bugger. 🙂

  5. Oooops….forgot to tell ya…LOVE your page!!! All the texture and lovely color:)

  6. Your so encouraging!! It’s ok to be me:))) Thanks Nat!! Have a super day!

  7. Hmm, you are right. We can’t reach for all those stars, can we. I will keep my eye looking for my star as well. Love the thought and the images. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Thank you for posting this… was a real “eye-opener”….LOVEEEEE your art!…you are an awesome inspiration!

  9. Love your page and quote and the way you think of it. Me I would just love some opportunities , maybe they are there and I just don’t see them

    Mary x

  10. I love your train of thoughts on this topic and the awesome art journal page it inspired you. All that texture is just yummi!
    My thought on this: ‘aim for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars’ by W Clement Stone 😉

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