Default Earworm or Lost in Translation

A catchy tune in German is called an Earworm – literally translated. Meaning you can’t stop singing the song in your head. I actually like the word – you say Ohrwurm 🙂

Such an Ohrwurm I shared in my Über*Media Acrylic Paint Online Workshop in the 3rd lesson published monday (you can sign up anytime – but right now you join in real-time over the next weeks).

It is by Django Django and called Default – a song I can’t get out of my head and I love the video!

What’s your Ohrwurm right now?

Have a wonderful catchy tuned day 😉




  1. jjsobey says:

    My current earworms (and yes – I use that term too!) are “Somebody that I Used to Know” by Gotye, “I’m the One that’s Cool” by The Guild, and “I’m an Imagineer” by The Imagineers.

  2. Sue Clarke says:

    Luck of the Draw by Bonnie Raitt but it changes daily depending on what song my hubby or son “puts” into my head before they walk out the door. LOL

  3. Today it is Jennifer Lopez ft Pittbull – On the floor.

    Very catchy and summery song.

  4. Die Ärzte: Sohn der Leere.
    Oh yeah! Habe die Ehre. Ich bin der Sohn der absoluten Leere.
    Am singing it nonstop since yesterday.

  5. Hadn’t seen the video before… Cool! Great Ohrwurm too, mine usually are the songs you rather not have in your head :-s

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