iDoodle…or The end of the Bee Gees in my handbag

There is three things in the world that make me splurge and not even think about if I REALLY need this…

  1. Shoes (yes- I’m one of them, full force “Oh no, those are not new, I have those forEVER, you just didn’t realize, honey!”)
  2. Art Media (it’s like a drug – needs to be tried out, can’t get enough of it, makes me happy, I get totally high on it!)
  3. Cool Bags or Safe Keeping Items (see below)

So a couple days ago I came across a video about those Papernomad bags and I was SOLD – I mean as in …purchased about 2 minutes after watching the video…as in…crazy woman…as in…this is the coolest thing in the world!

Because let’s face it …the Apple cover for the iPad looks great but when you travel it is not the best item to protect and every time I open my hand bag there is a disco light in there and my iPad is going nuts glooming and dancing: “stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive ah ha ha ha stayin’ alive” . I have been looking  for a cover I like – and so far I didn’t find any that would make my heart sing…until…well- I told you already 😉

So four days later I received my bag and started playing…iDoodle

I mean…helloooooo- this is fun!!! Little bit of Derwent Inktense Blocks and some Dylusion Stencils, Markers, and Liquitex Spray Paint….ahhhh

So cool – I so look forward adding to it once in a while- here is the beginning of the back of the sleeve

So this marks the end of the Bee Gees in my handbag…no more disco glooming “stayin’ alive” although I will miss walking through the airport like John Travolta.

I am so tempted to get the laptop sleeve too…more surface…ahhhh…but oh well…it is not in the …boring brown leather pocket that holds my money 😉

(Dear family…if you read this…now is the time to get a notepad out and write this down…you know…my birthday is coming up in two months, and you probably wonder what item would make me happy 😉 HINT HINT!!!)

Wishing you all a gorgeous and fun day!



  1. Sue Clarke says:

    Very cool and thanks for the blast back to the 1980’s Nat!

  2. Thank you so much for introducing us to the papernomad – so excited I just ordered one too!

  3. … ich lach mich immer noch schlapp, *TränenabwischundwiederaufdenStuhlkletter* du bist soooo süß, echt! Die Tasche ist der Hammer, sooo coool. Arme Gibbs, sie werden dich sicherlich vermissen und ich bin sicher du bekommst dein Geburtstags-geschenk, bei diesen subtilen Tipps. Biiiiigggggg hug Birgit

  4. What an inspring product! And gorgeous sleeve 🙂

  5. Hahahaha! Bee Gees and the John Travolta video! I can see you struttin’ through the airport! Cool doodling! You are a misting maven–my misting always looks like an accident. Lol!

  6. So very cool! I can see why you fell in love! Your cover looks great so far!

  7. jjsobey says:

    That looks really cool. but I nearly spit my coffee out at the price. I realize it’s a high-tech paper, but I could make one in leather for less money – and it’s paper. Ooo- recycled leather would be cool… (now I’ve got my wheels spinning…)

  8. Love your doodling! Hug!

  9. you did a wonderfull job with the i-pad sleeve. Very nice.

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