Workshop Day at the n*Studio

Love those n*Studio days every couple of weeks. I set up our livingroom-dining room and kitchen area for workshops and there is a group of about 35 girls…and 1 guy 😉 that are signed up through my Hamburg Newsletter (German!) – I can seat about 12.

As we are right next to my studio, there is usually everything right there and I love that we have become a quite close group. We share stories, thoughts and I let them try things out. Often times they are the first ones to try the brand new workshops…sometimes they are the very last ones, like yesterday…with the Timeless Colors Workshop, a Canvas Workshop.

I think I will retire this workshop now…It has been a fun workshop with lot’s of acrylic paint. It always feels weird to retire a workshop…it’s like saying good-bye to a friend that accompanied you for a while- LOL

I always loved the totally different color choices and outcomes of all the canvases my students created- here is Liz’ working on her canvas during the workshops yesterday:

Sudabeh and Kerstin painting along

We had lot’s of yummie food for lunch – the girls always bring the best food for the n*Studio day….yuuummm!!!! It is a very cozy and relaxed atmosphere I want them to feel like home…and our cat thinks their bags are there to inspect and seems to think they are quite ok 😉

My dream is for one day maybe have a studio which can seat more people – I can see a little kitchen included – lots of windows and tables and chairs and for some reason a brick wall….some rusty industry poles in the middle of the wall and a graffiti wall of course. I don’t want to own a store….I just would love to have such a space one day where you can do creative retreats and workshops. Oh well….LOL – I guess that is not up in the air unless I will win in the lottery (which I never play- HA)

The second workshop was a Prima Workshop “Daily Observations”. It was a lot of spray paints involved and they all have become quite experts in using them – and one new student caught up in no time…actually she was finished first with her minialbum  !

And it was awesome to see Jan again – always fun to have him – he has to suffer quite a bit at those workshops with just us girls- LOL. But he is good in keeping us in check – tehehe!

The girls…and guy….get always shown other possible workshops- they pick upon seeing the original – no sneaks…and then vote which workshops to take next. Then we also vote on a next date….quite democratic- LOL- and then I create the new newsletter for Hamburg with all class information and everyone can sign up. It is a first comes first serve basis. This time they voted on “Portrait of a Lady” and “Chalk on The Wild Side” being the next workshops – and the date is August 18, 2012 🙂 Looking forward seeing my peeps – well, better make sure to get the newsletter done now ….



don’t forge the new Über*Media Online Workshop is here – and starts tomorrow


Wishing you an amazing sunny and happy sunday 🙂






  1. Happy Sunday, Nat! Your gathering looked like a very fun time. I am excited about the Uber Media Acrylic Paint class starting tomorrow, and learning new painty techniques.

  2. Kathy Gledsdale says:

    It looks like a lot of fun!

  3. Sue Clarke says:

    You had “35 girls” but can only seat 12?
    Where do you put them? LOL
    Looks like tons of fun and bright light to boot.

  4. The sky is the limit…GO NAT!!! I love what you’re doing and I so wish I lived closer so I could join in!

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