Über*Media – Acrylic Paint is here

So excited about this new Über*Media online class – it is yet my biggest and most elaborate one – sign ups starting today – check the trailer video out

If you are interested and want to know more about the class go here for the full information and sign up

Have an amazing day 🙂

Huge hugs



  1. Sue Clarke says:

    The excitement of the video is just like looking forward to a movie but much better. Having taken one online workshop from you I know how awesome they are.
    Full/fun version here I come!!!

  2. Hi Nat!
    Be delighted with your course panpastel, so now I also point to the acrylic course, I personally love working with acrylic but I love to learn more techniques of your hand.
    a hug

  3. wonderful trailer Nat. this class looks awesome.

  4. wow!! Nice trailer. Love the music and truly makes me want to do the class!! Great stuff!!

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