n*Lab Tales – Today featuring Derwent Artbars

I had another play date in the n*Lab, this time with Derwent products.

I am a huge fan of their products – be it the Inktense Blocks or their pencils or I just bought sketch pencils- all I can say is love love love. Derwent Artbars are triangular-shaped water-soluble wax bars. So when I heard of Derwent coming out with the Artbar – I was hooked to get them ….and so here they are -in my studio and they were the perfect candidates for some n*Lab Time.

Let me tell a bit about them in this Video – what you can do with them and what I actually did on the canvas (no tutorial just blah blah!):

here is the youtube video if you have problems watching it here on the blog:

I showed you the play sheet already in an earlier post:

Here is the progress of the Canvas – layering as I talked about in the video:

So my favorite features of the Derwent Artbars are:

  • Light and thick stripes possible with the bar
  • Wonderful mixability with a wet finger
  • Layering and covering other Artbar colors and then adding texture (squeeeeelllll!)
  • Printing with the Artbar – love the possibilities due to the shape
  • Awesome bright colors – highly pigmented
  • Love the possibility of making your own thick paint out of the ArtBar
  • There are so many other possibilities out there to use them on and with – makes my head spin 🙂

Here is the Canvas now finished:

supplies: Derwent: Artbars, Shave ‘n Save, Scraper, Waterbrush – 7Dots Dreamer Paper and Stickers, 7Gypsies Tissue Paper and Chipboard Letters, Crafter’s Workshop Template

I hope you had fun joining me in my n*Lab day….already thinking of what to do next and when 🙂

Have a gorgeous day



  1. France papillon says:

    Be inspired? Well you sure got me inspired! Thank you for that!
    But darn Nath! How am i going to explain to mu hubby that after my brend new box of inktense blocks and some sennelier oil pastels (which by the way are sooooo yummi) and my neocolors II i absolutely need these artbars??? Because let’s face it, you present them in such a way they become… Irresitible!

    Ps: love the idea of n*Lab !!!

  2. Haha, Cuchy–Nathalie is such a temptress! Nat, these Artbars are so cool! Your final canvas is lovely, and the paper with the leafy shapes you were playing with is WOW!!!

  3. Agree with Cuchy…why do you do this to me…these look FBA! Love the canvas 😉

  4. Sue Clarke says:

    Cuchy, trying before buying has saved me much scrappy money.
    Nat, I love your colorful creation but could not see the video for some reason (error message).

  5. M. Carmen - Cuchy says:

    Why, why, why do you do this to meeee??????
    “don’t look at my blog, don’t look at my blog”… hey, you know. Just prohibit me to do something, and I’ll do it!!! You’re soooo bad LOL
    Jokes apart. Cool description. But it makes me need them right now!!
    What’s the main difference with inktenses apart from the wax? texture? colors? opacity?
    Inquiry minds want to know. I learnt a lesson from a teacher a had once “do not buy it before try it” LOL does this make sense to you.? 🙂
    Thanks!! Besos

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