n*Studio Facebook Page or…there still needs to be some privacy in life

It took me a couple months, to make a decision and it wasn’t an easy one…I think mostly because I was struggling that I don’t want to hurt anyone, but it had to be done…I put myself and my privacy pretty much out here already, right? I share thoughts and feelings, I share photos and stories…But there is a little area that I need to keep just to myself, my closest friends and family and…to Facebook (cause actually I probably trust you all more than facebook 😉 ) – LOL.  So here is what I wrote :


Dear Facebook Friends- after much of consideration and some talks to dear and close friends today, I decided that I will now finally close my private page to the “public” and have it only open to family and close -mostly non -industry related – friends. 

The only way to do so is to delete friends and ask you, if you want to still know my business related and of course also private things I share – to move over to my page Nathalie Kalbach n*Studiohttps://www.facebook.com/NathaliesStudio . I am sure you understand that it is a bit hard to balance private private, private and business. Your support is much appreciated. If you are ready to go, let me know 🙂 At the end of the month I will just delete…and it will be not easy. Thank you for being so understanding! Huge hugs – Nat



  1. Go with what your instinct tells you, it’s usually right. Michelle x

  2. I totally agree with you.

  3. I know this was a hard decision for you to make, but you made a good one. i totally agree with you.

  4. Sue Clarke says:

    No worries Nat. You share openly on your blog about all your fans need to know.

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