Creative Jump Start Video : Street Art

For the creative Jump Start I had done two videos actually – one was more an inspirational talk- which I will show later again – and one was how I actually go out and get Inspiration for free 🙂 And I wanted to show this video again on my regular blog.

Best Inspiration For Free

For those of you, who have problems watching the wordpress version – here is another option:

The password is: jumpandplay

Do you like street art or is it something you dislike?



  1. The graffiti in your area is very different from what we get around here. In my area, it’s nothing more than vandalism and an eyesore – there’s no art in it at all.

  2. Natalie thanks for sharing this again.. i AM inspired all over again,,,,and boy do i need it!!!

  3. Maggie M says:

    I love street art…it’s such a free form of art! Thanks for sharing your video and inspired art piece. Very cool:)

  4. Thanks Nat!!! Love the way the heart came out. This video inspired me last time and once again inspires me now. Thank you for sharing it again:)

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