Workshops in Vienna or…just put an “L” behind

Last friday my sweet friend Birgit and I arrived in Vienna to teach at the Scrap Me Event organized by Conny.

It was awesome ! The all round awesome package 🙂 Our students were amazing, we had lot’s of fun with them and we saw and learned a lot in Austria too. We also had a student from Finland which was lot’s of fun.

Let me show you some Sightseeing and Workshop pictures 🙂

From top left to top right: The Palace Belvedere – beautiful

Middle: hahaha- funny signs with the cardboard dog….showing….you know THE end result and it says “Are 36 EUR sausage to you?” – which means if you have your dog’s end result not picked up you get fined.

The picture on the right- is a little insider for Birgit- LOL- we figured you can just put an L at the end of each word and then you sound a bit austrian …. airportL , DrinkL, ShopL…. (I know it is only funny if you have been there with us and saw us totally punchy laughing like crazy 😉 )

On the Bottom:Stephansdom /St. Stephen’s Cathedral and in front of it Fiaker Fahrer/Coachmen chatting

Pictures from the workshops – Love how the Daily Observations and Timeless Colors Workshops create totally different results and unique projects for each of the students. You girls were so wonderful and creative and we all had such a good time together!

We had  Bäääärchen (who made the best cake ever) , lots of paint media, and smiling queens as well as a happy organizer and educators 🙂

More beautiful street views…and one funny sticker at our landlady’s’ door…saying “I am a friendly Wiener” ….we didn’t really know about that…hahahaha – I think I lost the moment I said I didn’t want her to keep our passports till the next days, insisting to get them back although she told me in a grumpy way that I won’t need mine. LOL- I guess I don’t look like 17 anymore…or what did she want me to tell? 😉

And because I can’t stop some more 🙂

And my new culinary dream off- yum yum place – Trzesniewski – an tradition sandwich place in Vienna since 1902 – sooooo good!!!! Thanks Conny for taking me there and also for making Kaiserschmarrn for me and Birgit 🙂 And thank you for all your amazing work and organization- you rock!

Wishing you all a wonderful day 🙂 I still need to unpack my suitcase….mmmmm…. can I skip that part- LOL





  1. Tolle Fotos! Und wo bitte ist das “U” und das “N” bei dem Schild geblieben?? *gg*
    Es war sehr schön und entspannend, danke dafür!!
    GLG. Sanna

  2. Sue Clarke says:

    Thanks for sharing those wonderful photos Nat. I especially love the dog sign!

  3. bienchen says:

    Liebe Nat
    Es hat mich sehr sehr gefreut Dich wiederzusehen
    und bei deinen tollen Workshops dabei zu sein.
    Freu mich natürlich das der Kuchen gut angekommen ist.
    Bis Bald *knuddel*
    Dein Bäääärchen 🙂

  4. Hallo Nat,
    danke für deine gr0ßartigen Workshops, du warst wundervoll wie immer, inspirierend, informativ und unterhaltsam…ist ja immer wichtig,dass man auch lachen kann….drück dich, Karin

  5. Vicki Chrisman says:

    OHHH… looks like so much fun!

  6. Glad you had a good trip, the photos are great : )

  7. *ich, die ja nie grossartig bei blogs schreibt … das muss ich loswerden ;-)*

    Meine Liebe,

    ich habs Dir ja eh schon gesagt, du brillierst durch deine symphatische, natürliche Art und auf der anderen Seite schmeisst du souverän deine Workshops und dann deine “geile” Stimme 😉 – Du hast wirklich alle “verzaubert” und wir würden uns über ein baldiges Wiedersehen vui narrisch gfreun!

    Bussal aus Wien

    PS: I only wrote in German, that not everybody understand how wonderful nathalie was in Austria and the whole world wants immediatly to book her and she has no time next year for us 😉

    PPS: hey da gibts ja nen gefällt mir button *gggggggggggggggg*

    PPS: und spätestens bei der Anhäufung von Rechtschreibfehler, weiss jeder warum ich nicht viel schreibe hehe aber jetzt schlussL

  8. Travel and play!!!! What a super combination! Looks like you had a wonderful time:)

  9. TFS…I’ve dreamt of visiting Europe and all your beautiful countries since my college days…I’m still dreaming of it but until then i will live vicariously throught all of your trips 😉

    • Hi Nat,
      herzlichen Dank für deinen tollen Workshop, du warst wieder einmal wunderbar, inspirierend, informativ und sehr unterhaltsam
      lg aus dem Burgenland, Karin

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