Designer Showcase CHA 2012

The Designer Showcase at CHA 2012 was my first one to attend and show my work. Basically in a nutshell CHA Designers display their work on a table in a separate room in the convention center- and I believe we were about 60 designers.

With the suitcase restriction and being on the road for 3 weeks, traveling and bringing the booth projects for manufacturers, I had a hard time to get everything packed- and I wish I would have been able to do more decoration – there were some amazing amazing decorative tables out there- but oh well – LOL- this science fair table is actually pretty much me, isn’t it ? You get the raw me – let the work itself speak 😉

It is a nice way to show others what you do and what you can do – and I have enjoyed doing it. The work was show cased for two days and the evening of day one there was a slideshow with an introduction of the designers and a 2 hour “Meet and Greet the Designer”. I enjoyed meeting many new people and it made me happy that some wonderful people got aware of my work and it is very thrilling to see how things evolve.

You are not allowed to take photos in the room- other than of your own display- so I’m sorry- you will only see my display 🙂 As this year the show case was not only open to manufacturers, editors and publishers but also to designers we were recommended to only show published work and that is what I did, besides my little…..n*Studio.

My n*Studio has suffered a bit during the flight- but I tried to assemble it back together the best I could. Just as an reminder – a picture of the real n*Studio:

I was able to come close with the furniture I think 🙂 the mess is a different topic – LOL

Here are some pictures when I was still building it at home- somehow I didn’t manage to take more picture of the n*Studio when it was finally built and set up at CHA.

I created miniature canvases of my real 12×12 canvases on the wall- some were also showcased.

I wish my shelve would look as nice and orderly in real life- sorry Julie– it didn’t really evolve since you were here 😉

I would like to thank the following companies for supporting me for my Designer Show Case: Eco Green Crafts, Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L, Elmers for the Display Board and Velcro

Also thank you so much to my besties Birgit and Cat who helped me in the 1 hour time slot to set it up and take it down. It was wonderful that you did that – I so love you two! Also thanks to my designers around me that helped me with emergency glue guns, tapes and chocolate – LOL.

I did leave the studio in LA -it would have not survived another flight – I still have furniture and the canvases though- any ideas on what I should do with it?

Wishing you a gorgeous day!






  1. Waouw!!!! Super dieses Studio!!!! es sieht toll aus und es war sicherlich eine tolle Experienz! ich bin sehr froh dich in Lille getroffen zu haben; die Einladung für eine Presentation über dich, dein Werk, auf dem Blog gilt immer noch! Liebe Grüsse aus Belgien

  2. It was great to meet you at CHA! Hope your feet survived!
    All the best,

  3. Nat! I loved seeing you designer showcase photos! I absolutely adore your mini studio. What a cool idea. Congrats on your designer showcase!

  4. oh wow, how cute and wonderful is that miniature n*Studio??? amazing!

  5. How proud and accomplished to be a part of such an elite group! I looooove the studio model…how cool is that? !! 🙂 There has got to be a great fulfillment inside to inspire so many!

  6. Thanks for sharing your Showcase pics… your display was great and your fabulous art DOES speak for itself. I’m loving that mini studio! WOW. Maybe one of the new (less deep) configurations boxes would be good to hold the minis.

  7. Ich liiiiiieeebe dieses Mini-Studio 🙂 Das ist so wie früher Puppenstube einrichten 🙂

  8. Wow! So happy for you!! Your display is awsome! Love your little N’Studio…so cute!

  9. I just love your N*studio mini and the art work on the walls of it Nat!

  10. Nancy Sapp says:

    Your work is just amazing! Your mini-studio is darling & so detailed!
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Everything looks fantastic! That mini studio has major WOW factor. The mini canvases deserve their own gallery in one of those printer’s trays- you would knock a project lie that right out the park!

  12. Congratulations! You’re table needed nothing else but your amazing work! I’m drooling over your studio though!

  13. What an awesome opportunity. Congratulations! Hope wonderful things come to you! Your work (and your heart) are wonderful and inspiring.

  14. You know how I love your mini studio and I hope this showcase brings you lots of new an good opportunities.
    Ideas for your mini canvases?? mmm I have a free spot on my walls 🙂

  15. Ah, that’s cute! You should rebuilt it (the miniature n*studio)!

    Hope being at the showcase brings you lots of new work!

  16. Waw, that must have been a lot of work to create a ‘mini-studio’. It looks awesome.
    xxx, Isolde

  17. Natalie Congratulations…you know i love your work and it must be an amazing feeling to be recognised as one of the 60 top designers!!.I love your little studio but i love your real one even more!! A studio should be messy otherwise it is just a museum for scrapbooking and art products!!
    Hope you had a good time in France…

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