Back from CHA and PanPastel Online Workshop starts sunday!

I am back from CHA Winter 2012 in L.A. – arrived this morning after more then 20 hours of traveling and the jet lag hits me hard today…just as you get you used to the 9 hour time difference you go back. But some yummie chocolate and tea keep me awake so far 😉

Before I show you some pictures of my trip to California (Death Valley and Joshua Tree National Park) I wanted to send out a reminder – the next Über*Media PanPastel Workshop starts actually this sunday.

If you want to learn all kinds of techniques with this amazing medium – this workshop is for you 🙂

Here are the details and the sign in info for this 6 week long Class

Über*Media PanPastel Online Class

I would love to see you there !

Huge hugs from snowy cold but sunny home sweet home 😉



  1. So insecure about this workshop… I am doing the Gesso-workshop. You are using Pan Pastel there as well… So, will I have any use for the pan pastel-workshop as well??? They are pretty expensive, so I wanna be sure before I choose to sign up…

    • I do not quite understand your question. sorry- if you mean of you need PanPastel -yes. It is a PanPastel workshop. As far as PanPastel in the Gesso workshop that was just one out of many many possibilties and doesn’t mean you have to have it.

      • That’s not exactly what I ment… I have Pan Pastel 🙂
        I’m just so in doubt about taking the workshop or not…. Will there be many different techniques than the one you showed in the Gesso class?

        • Is your question if the techniques in this workshop are different from the ones in the Gesso class? Then the answer is YES- absolutely. If not – I still don’t get it- sorry- I have a blonde moment 😉

          • hehe.. I’m laughing a little for myself here… 🙂
            Maybe my English is rusty…. hehe.. Since I’m Norwegian 😛
            But, I’m kind of asking myself if I need both classes…..?! Since I already have the gesso-class…. I’m kind of going back and forth about the money… 😉

            • LOL- well- I would say it is a pretty good class and you learn heaps of new things. Do you need it? Yes and No 😉 It won’t be the last time I will offer it- I’m sure- but I do not know when I will do it again- it will be a couple months 😉

  2. Welcome home!

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