Bloom and be happy

Finally I can share projects I created for CHA since the show just opened 🙂

Here is a canvas I did for Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L – so much fun to play in a different way with adhesives:

Loved creating the background texture with the new Adhesive Sheets and Utee 🙂

And never forget…photo corners can be pretty versatile – and make up for great flowers.

Be happy and bloom too today 🙂




  1. Sue Clarke says:

    I’ll never look down at photo corners again. LOL

  2. I just finished with the last of JumpStart. These are amazing women who have truly inspired me. I’m in awe of these artists from around the world who are busy creating like me. I don’t get around technically very well, so to have something so easy was wonderful for me. Love, love, love it. Thanks you so much!

  3. Just wanting to thank you so much for organising the creative jump starts – lots there for sure. Enjoy the rest of your 2012 🙂

  4. Therese Marx says:

    I can’t tell you how much I loved every day in January knowing that your email would arrive with something new to inspire. Thank you so much for all your work in putting together such a varied group of people and sites. I do hope that, in the future, there might be another such event. Thanks to all of the participants; it’s been quite a ride!!

  5. Rhonda Zamora says:

    Great use of photo corners. I love your flowers. I also want to thank you for the Creative Jump Start. I feel very inspired! I appreciate being introduced to all of your wonderfully talented friends from all over the world. I now visit thier blogs to “stay in touch”. I feel part of an exciting Worldwide community! All, except one, of your participants gave of themselves unselfishly. I am very sad it is over. Thanks, again!!

  6. corinne de france says:

    merci pour tout ces partages ^^

  7. I want to add my thanks for this wonderful month of Jumpstarts!!! I tend to be super critical of my work and for me art is a chore sometimes. I have learned to try and let go and just do! Each of these women are amazing and I appreciate the time that went into this by you and each of them!!!!!!! THANK YOU!

  8. I just wanted to thank you soooooo much for this month. Everyday has been like Christmas for me and it helped Jump Start my year in the best way possible. PLease please do this again next year, it’s the perfect way to start a new year. You did an amazing job lining everything up and it went so smoothly. It was fun not knowing what each guest was going to do, love that it was a mix of everything. I’ve been inspired by them and even some of the readers work in the flickr.

    Thanks again !!!!!

  9. How lucky you are, that gets the opportunity to work with Prima, and their lovely supplies! How did that opportunety come about? Wish some day… 🙂 Do you work full time with your hobby? The texure on your project is AWESOME!

  10. That background looks so interesting! Love the flowers, too. Very clever, Nat!

  11. i love it Nat! Specially the background…perfect!

  12. Brilliant use of photo corners! I never would’ve thought to do that! Love the UTEE background too. I have some of that stuff. I guess I should whip it out and play a bit.

  13. Great effects! I am very partial to your theme too since BLOOM! is the name of my summer business where I host art workshops, shows, presentations, etc. It seemed to fit my vision of offering a gathering place for people to grow their creativity, be happy and BLOOM!

  14. very cool!

  15. Guau!! The texture is amazing!.

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