Baby…it’s really cold outside

Working on some secret stuff for CHA booths and for Make & Takes for Prima Marketing and my workshops in California and…for this….

CHA Designer Show Case

Less when two weeks before my flights – trying to get all done …and…..brrrrr …and let me tell you, it is really COLD outside. That might be also the reason for a right ear ache.

Note to self: Wear HAT!

Besides that- and I know that is not professional to say “I am SCARED and my head is empty and my vision is there but my hands do other it differently from what I had planned” – LOL- so wish me luck that Mojo- my little friend, comes back and sits on my shoulder whispering “Dudette, it is going to be ok!” 😉 But as a good friend of mine always says: “Everything will work out perfectly”

So…I’m jumping back into my studio to warm up *wink* and then rock on.

By the way….for our Creative Jump Start Summit 2012 I opened now a Flickr group where you can join and upload photos of projects inspired by the Jump Starts to share them with everybody. Love what is visible already.

Wishing you a wonderful day from super stormy Hamburg








  1. hola! adoré tu blog! estoy participando en el proyecto art journal de ADa, no se nada, así q ando en busca de inspiración!
    gracias! te sigo
    c@ desde Chile

  2. Your friend is totally right. Your projects rock, you rock and you will rock it! and we’ll be sending our most positive feelings from the distance. What else?? Take care. Loves

  3. I’m sure your jitters will fade away as soon as you get to where you are going! You are an amazing artist, a darling sweet person, and will totally hold your own! It’s easy to build things up in one’s mind to make them bigger and scarier than they will be in reality. Perhaps Cat’s jump start on “Fear” needs another look! 🙂

    Sorry to hear about your earache-those are the worst! Keep warm and I am calling on your Mojo to be strong and present as you get through these next two weeks of prep!

  4. Kim h20skier says:

    Natalie I just want to say thank you so much for the creative jump start I have learnt sooooooooooo much already and an so grateful that all these amazing designers have given some of their time to all of us out in the big ole world. What a thrill it is each morning to go on my computer and watch the videos that these amazing people have done with white. Love the toitlet tissue idea and just putting down color on tags and not being afraid that what i did was ugly wahoooooo. Again thanks sooo much.

  5. Oooh can’t wait to see your creations! Your friend is right, and you will ROCK. I clicked on the designer showcase link – how cool will that be!?!? Glad to see they put a few tables between yours and Julie’s…. someone was clearly thinking of the chaos that might ensue if you had neighboring tables.

  6. Looks exciting! Wish I could be there to see it “live”. Ear ace isn´t fun… maybe I´ll knit you a cool hat…

  7. Don’t be scared, your work is always super. And never forget the famous words of Walt Disney, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

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