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The response to our Creative Jump Start Summit 2012 is making us so happy!

When I asked the other 21 Jump Starters to join and give their input on how they jump-start their creativity and share it with you I gave them the freedom to come up with their own approach. Just as their jump-start for creativity is their own approach 🙂 I gave no big guidelines – I said ” You can do a video, slide show, tutorial -whatever you feel confident in sharing”.

I didn’t want them to be tied in guidelines that would turn into blockades.

And just as a white page might scare you….a task with open guidelines scared some of the Jump Starters…but they all overcame them and did amazing stuff!

They put their heart in there – you will see videos, you will see tutorials, inspirational speeches, ideas, photos and links. Some of them did a video for the very first time. It is all different and that is the beauty of it – there is something in those jump starts for everyone!

The response to this so far is AMAZING – we are totally blown away. Almost 4000 people signed up for this and your comments make this really a treat for us too. This is also what I encourage you to do  – for this free effort of putting everything out there- comment on their Jump Starts – it is making each one of the Jump Starters happy. It is their reward for being put out there and doing something new and different!

If you just signed up and wonder on different things, like how to retrieve older jump starts or you have little problems with your passwords etc – check out this FAQ site– it is probably answering a lot of your questions 🙂 I tried to answer those questions myself – each single one- but I cannot keep up with it anymore….LOL – for a single person it is just not doable.

If you have been inspired by the Creative Jump Start to create something we would love to see it- send us a link, comment here with the link, share it with us on Facebook or tweet about it with the hashtag #cjs12 so we can see it.


Thank you to all of you who are part of this and for your encouragement! You rock!!!

Have a creative day and jump 🙂






  1. Thank you for this opportunity! It’s really raised my creativity drive to another level! Very inspiring indeed!

    I used the technique Carmen Sanchez showed in this page in one of those circles. (http://paperiliitin.blogspot.com/2012/01/scrap365-haasteeseen-to-scrap365.html)

  2. Winnie Dolderer says:

    Thank you Nathalie for putting this together! I found this thru Dina Wakley’s blog. I have enjoyed everything so far and can’t wait to see what is up next. I have been commenting each day and have started using the tips last night. Did my first art journal page EVER, did warmups and used them on cards and have sat at my desk each day for small amounts of time like I learned…Looking forward to the weekend to try the others. Thanks again…It is good to know I am not the only one who gets scared at the white page!! Happy New Year…. Love your blog too…glad I found you.

    • thank you so much Winnie! I love the Creative Jump Start it brought so many people together and it is like oozing with Creativity everywhere now 🙂 Happy New Year and have a wonderful weekend! hugs nat

  3. I too would like to add my thanks. I’ve been feeling low recently with an ear infection and watching the first couple of videos has really bucked me up. So much so that I actually went into my craft room and got out my inks, sprays and stamps.

    So a HUGE thank you to you and the team.

    Best wishes for a healthy and creative 2012.

  4. Awesome way to Jump start the New Year! You’re a genius for organizing this Nathalie!
    So much inspiration allready..wow!
    Makes my New-Years-blues melt away instantly..thanks for that Nat and your awesome friends too!

  5. This Jump Start idea was fabulous Nathalie! Thank you for pulling this off and many thanks to all the wonderful contributing artists!
    It truly is a “Jump Start” to creativity each day!

  6. Sue Clarke says:

    L-O-V-I-N-G it so far. Especially the idea of doing warm-ups first and using toilet paper (that Cuchy).

  7. I’m one of the 4000 who found the Jump Start. I fell for the concept and I’m totally blown away by it so far! Thanks for doing this for us!

  8. Beautiful and love the colors and embossing on the hearts ❤

  9. Nat,
    Congratulations on reaching 4000! What you are presenting is pure gold.
    What a great idea and inspiration it is to see and hear so many different creative people willing to share their ideas and creativity and vunerability with us all. I am loving being a part of this and finding it really inspiring. I have created pages in my new art journal and am wondering if I will need to call it my January Art Journal as I think it may be full by the end of the month. Forget about the year or half a year!!!
    Thanks for the chance to be part of this.


  10. Woo Hoo! 4000!!!! That is so awesome, Nathalie!! Congratulations, and thank you Thank You, THANK YOU!!!!

  11. I’ve found them really useful so far, and already started to incorporate some ideas into my day.

  12. I’m so happy you have received such positive and great amounts of readers for this idea. This is what I really needed right now and I’m loving it already, kinda sad there is a break tomorrow. What a great way to start the day each morning and wish it was ALL YEAR!!

    Having all these different styles of art and how they are sharing it with us is the best, variety is the key to everything in life. Thank you for all the hard work and thought behind this project. Thank you to all the teachers we will meet this month. Some I know and others are new which is fun. I hope you will do this again next year since so many of us are loving it.

    I did play with tags already and going to play with some scraps today to jump start my scrapping I need to do. Today’s video was just what I needed to hear also, the FEAR of a white page is what holds me back most of the time. Hate to get anything on that pretty white paper, lol

    So thank you thank you for making this such an AWESOME JUMP START to my year.

    • Ahhh Dawn -thank you so much for your sweet words! The fear of white page is a big fear for myself often too 🙂 It is a mean one !
      I’m wishing you an amazing year 2012!!!! huge hugs

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