How to turn a day around…or ….blah blah blah ;)

I feel like chatting a bit…so here is a blah blah blah post and therefore it will be filled with blah photos 😉

Last Saturday my husband and i awoke and realized at breakfast that we both had a huge to-do list – and so we decided it would be again a weekend running errands and working. Until we arrived at the post office….Yep – it is the post office’s fault! In fact it is always their fault, but that is a different blah blah post 😉

We had a nice christmas package in our hand to send out to the States…and there it was: THE LINE: coming out of the postoffice onto the street, around the corner….and we know THIS Postoffice…it is the one where regardless of which day, which time, which season, only 2 of the 5 counters are occupied with staff. So we figured 1 hour waiting time minimum…and that is where we got the EVIL PLAN ….let’s just not do what we should do….let’s just enjoy the day and do fun stuff – YEAH

First we went to our favorite hole in the wall Asian place and ate a nice coconut soup. And then we met like gazillions of neighbors and friends outside and chatted like nuts (maybe that is where the chatty part stuck to me for this post- hahahaha) . Then my husband picked up one of my Christmas Gifts…I was only allowed to take a peak but it is a 60s vintage dress made by my friend Katja just for me…(she knows my measurements well and is an awesome movie and tv costume designer 🙂 )

The weather was beautiful for a December day…look at the sky and the tv tower…I think I haven’t seen the needle in months….since it was all foggy and rainy the last couple weeks.

and now close your eyes if you have problems with “BAD” words….I didn’t choose the name, don’t blame me, don’t send me angry emails, don’t unfriend me or call me….I’m just posting where I was 🙂

This is a trade show sponsored by etsy and it was the coolest inspiring thing EVER. AWESOME – we picked up a lot of Christmas presents, and got ourselves some little gifts too 🙂 I got myself this cozy pearl necklace enclosed in a fine knitted wool tube. Looks cool! All handmade stuff and soooo amazing – I did not take many photos- I always have a weird feeling taking photos at creative booths. It looks as if you are going to steal their ideas, know what I mean, but I guess that is just me?

Oh I can’t wait till next year again – I tell you! And my favorite was, when you talked to the designers how they made the things – and how they lit up when you told them how awesome their idea is. Because you know…there is the grumpy peeps around too, that just raise their shoulders and do the spitting “pheww- what is THIS? and why should I pay more money for HANDMADE- that is so retro”. Well..take your spit somewhere else…

Yummie beetroot-ginger-salt and chocolate cookie dough mixture as well as free fun wrapping paper. And then it was time to part….and do a little loop through one of my favorite shopping streets (small designer stores ) in Hamburg- Marktstraße.

Wondering once again when stepping along, who from city planning had this incredible STUPID idea to build the convention center over this beautiful old building, being reminded that this is the way Hamburg rolls, we do not really cherish our old buildings. And then forgot about it again when I stepped in the coolest store carrying original 50s/60s and 70s shoes….UNWORN! They do get those from shoe manufacturers – never sold . Yeah – because I’m a picky girl- I do not like to buy worn shoes….but I want the orignal stuff and here we go! They go perfect with my sailor vintage dress and I believe with my Christmas present…ahem…not that I really know that – LOL

And then it was wrapping gifts and chillin’ under the christmas tree…and as I wanted to take a photo of the tree, little Niles sneaked in, as if to say “HEY….you were gone the whole day, what about this?”

So now back to work, actually I’m at the post office right now for the next ten hours…remember….the christmas package to the States? ….Hope you made it through the blah blah -LOL

Have a gorgeous non-blah-day


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  1. hey nat! i LOVE this blah blah blah post… just what i needed today. i know about the post office you’re talking about. you know, there is one on Detlev-Bremer-Straße, and there is never a long line, i go there in the evenings even… toddler in tow… not a problem, you get served pretty quickly. you might like a walk down St Pauli next time and try it out!

    • Hey Sylvia, I was at Heußweg yesterday – still pretty full and crowded- but at least faster than the ONE 😉 Detlev Bremer is a bit too far away for me 😦 Have a gorgeous day!!!!

  2. You should have seen me at work reading your post. Hidding myself behind the screen and with a hand in my mouth. It didn’t work and my colleagues asked what I was laughing at LOL
    I can see you at the postal office planning a better and funny day. And I want to see your new dress with your new shoes, of course.
    That pic of Niles is hilarious. Love it!
    Besos, Cuchy

  3. yeah for a fun “un-day”. I was at holy.shit shopping too on sunday… dragged Stefan there. but it was packed! so cool though. I figured you went, too.

  4. Good for you! Life is too short to not ignore the “have-to’s” once in a while and go with the “want-to’s”. Soup looks yummy! Etsy shopping bazaar–heaven! And what a special Christmas gift you have coming! Can’t wait to see photos with those darling (!) shoes!

  5. Sue Clarke says:

    I love that Niles got himself into the pic!
    Loved hearing about your fun day and the dress and shoes sound like a nice match (waiting for photos…after you open the Christmas present of course).

  6. Great post…blah-blah-blah!

  7. Hihi…. you just made my day! Loved reading your post with blah blah’s 😀
    I believe that we all should do what you did – skip all the plans (if it doesn’t hurt anyone) and do something else. Just be a little bit crazy.
    Wishing you all the best of luck at the post office!
    Loved your kitty by the tree (wonder if all the ornaments are nicely on the tree after a couple of weeks with that little cutie in the house 😀 )

  8. Nat, I totally understand why my present may be late… no worries! I’m so glad you and your hubby had such a fun day. That’s what it really is all about, right? Spending time with those you love. Happy Holidays to you!

  9. Love your kitty! I have a little black kitty, too 🙂 We left him yesterday to go celebrate Christmas with mom. He’s always happy to see us when we get home. Sounds like you’re getting a lot done and hoping you’re not still in line at the post office!

  10. Sounds like a fun day, and love the last pic, with your little Niles sneaking into the pic.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and Everything good for the New Year.

    Mary x

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