WoW – Words of Wisdom

This weekend we celebrated my beloved grand aunt Margot’s 92nd birthday and as always it was inspiring and wonderful to spent time with her. My aunt is not only incredible fit for her age, but she is also pretty funny and witty. I guess the way of laughing out loud with a big open mouth is passed down to me 😉  She has to be the most generous, honest and open hearted person I know and although her life wasn’t always an easy one, she the happiest and most optimistic person you can imagine.

Every time we celebrate her birthday there are less and less friends around because that is what happens when you get older. But the laughter about stories from the past and people long passed away are always one of my favorite at this parties. And then there were these words of wisdom yesterday that WoWed me away:

My sweet aunt Waltraud looking at me all of a sudden and saying: ” Awful, all of us old people only live in memories, we are not experiencing anything new”

My aunt Margot patting me from the side saying in response to this: ” Oh, it is not that bad, just make sure NOW it is going to be wonderful memories ”

Cheers to you Aunt Margot- you are so right and as you are my role model, I will make sure to follow your words of wisdom! Love you!



  1. Oh, Nat. I am writing that one down. What a great way to make us stop and pay attention to the NOW.

  2. Cheers and good health to your Aunt! I love how close you and her are.

  3. Wow is right! Aunt Margot is an inspiration! Thanks for making my day!

  4. I always love to read about both your aunts – they seem so down to earth and both have a heart of gold I am sure.
    And I cannot believe that grand aunt Margot is 94!!!! If only I looked that well and be as mentally fit as she is in 10 years from now.

    Lots of love and I raise my glass to grand aunt Margot

  5. How sweet!! She reminds me of my grandmother…she is a bit younger..she’s is just 92 ;))) But she is the smartest woman i know, and the one I respect the most.
    Cheers to them both !!

  6. Sue Clarke says:

    I always love to hear you “talk” about your Aunt and see LO’s that you’ve made with her in them. Wise lady.

  7. Very sweet!

  8. Pearls of wisdom…pay heed 😉

  9. What a great aunt you have! 😉

  10. awww…your aunt is too sweet and wise!

  11. What a wonderful attitude, and definately a wonderful role model


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