Art Journaling Pages – or ARTmournal

Here are  my first December Week Art Journal Pages  or as I would like to call them


I am not a big person on journaling in my artwork – I usually get my feelings and emotions on the page/project out by colors, little word snippets and techniques and texture. If you look at my work you will notice that I do not journal a lot. I guess that was the problem that I had the longest with doing an Art Journal- I had the feeling I would have to write a lot. Don’t get me wrong- I love writing but more in an old fashioned diary form.

Getting my emotions and feelings out there in an artsy way on the other hand I enjoy a lot,  it is relieving and therapeutical.

So I reminded myself on my own number 1 rule: There are no rules in artwork! I can do as much or no journaling as I want- and I can show my emotions just the way I like it 🙂 It can be openly containing the message or just hidden…up to me!

I used some paper and tags from the Cocoa Daisy December kit as well as some tissue paper. And it was written on a day I made a decision – I walked away from something that others’ might think I am crazy to do…but it was good 🙂 and I have my reasons

for dimension and to blend in the papers I used some Neocolors II – love them!

here I also used the Cocoa Daisy Kit and used the fun Doilies in the kit to get some texture to the background. The Germans here might laugh about the journaling 😉

There is a german expression which doesn’t translate very well – it basically says “that life is not a concert played as you wish” meaning things just do not go the way you want them to go. And then there is another expression for people that are mean idiots – literally translated they are “bum fiddles” ….so those to expressions went well together . “Life is not a concert on demand, some people are bum fiddles, just let them go” Not sure if that makes sense in English – some things just do not translate 😉

Here are some more from this week:

Love it and I love that I somehow found a new way to it- it clicked between me and my ARTmournal…my journal said “hey ho let’s go girl “. Before it just said…”don’t ruin the nice book”  so I went and rather ruined a canvas 😉 Now I just mourn on 😉

Do you artjournal too and why?


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  1. Love your last AJ page in this post! Such a creativ and fantastic mess, that looks so planned 🙂

  2. Dear Nat, your working is amazing!The more I see it, the more I like it!
    Thank you for sharing so many interesting and beautiful things! I love #5-WINGS-it’s simply perfect and make me think about freedom, liberty in all senses…
    Trying to enroll to your Gesso course, but I’m not managing to do so!
    Thank you once more!;))

  3. Sehr erkennbar, ich schreibe auch lieber in einem Tagebuch und matsche in einem Journal…und letztendlich muss es ja nur für uns Sinn machen…Deine Seiten sind toll!
    Liebe Grüße – Irma

  4. Hi Nat, I don’t have an art journal but I am happy to see some well known elements in yours on December 4th ;-).

  5. your colorcombos and textures are eye candy to me! and yes i artjournal, as much as i can, since the last scraptastic 😉 though there are no rules, i still feel i have a lot to learn as i feele shortened by my technical knowledge. but i don’t write in my artjournal, that’s private, lol

  6. Ohhh…. I just love your pages!!! And i totally agree – there are NO rules! Do whatever you want and feel! I have no rules or any special type of journaling, if my head screams for lots of journaling, my page is full of words. But sometimes a page is just colors and pant. Someone told me (at a AJ-class) that there are no rules, and I’m a loyal student so thats my rule – there are no rules ‘lol’
    Thanks for all of your inspiration!

  7. Sue Clarke says:

    Artmournal…maybe a new word for the business?
    I do art journal and mostly to play with different colors and textures before I put them on a LO (also to write about more private matters).

  8. Nat, the colors and the layers in your pages are so, so GORGEOUS!! Love! And I’m glad that you have found the balance between art and journaling that works for you. The results are fantastic! I like the idea of summing up the day with one word that kind of titles the page. Looking forward to seeing more!

  9. Oh Nathalie, I’m so happy I was introduced to your wonderful blog by Julie Balzer! I, too, do mostly art in my art journal, and maybe a quote or poem, few words. Your pages are wonderful, and, through them I can clearly see you are in mourning. I also envy your new, organized studio! Best holiday wishes!

  10. If I had to pick one, I’d pick #4. Maybe the Christmas feeling, but I absolutely love it!
    Yes I artjournal all that I can. Apart from the art journals that I show on my blog I have a small journal on my handbag always with me where I show I tell all my thoughts, doodles, feelings or stories. Art journaling has become an essential part of my life.

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