Hausfrau or ….the 50s

Don’t laugh at me ….this layout was something I was smiling while doing it, tongue in cheak included and photoless.

I totally love  the wonderful images on the Vintage Street Market Family Paper Pack especially for a while now I have a nack for 50s clothing and last CHA you could have seen me wearing a nice 50s Sailor dress (and I have a new style dress for the coming CHA 😉 ) . I love 50s furniture too.

But there is one thing that I really don’t wish back….the way how a women’s path was determined  back then. I think we are very fortunate today that the way how women are treated and the possibilties that women have nowadays  have changed so much. Although….a bit of gentlemen attitude by men could definetly come back (DUDE you could help get my suitcase up in the baggage net in the train…and NO you do not have to let the door crash into my face and YES…even though I act as if I do not want you to treat me special because I’m a woman…I love it – keep going- hahahha) – LOL.

Good thing my hubs is a true gentleman – he laughs about my attempts in doing as if I don’t care- so if you read it ….here you go…truth out!

A little Memo- on – yes I like it clean – but no – I’m not a Hausfrau 🙂

I used my new yum yum Tonic Studios Border Punches with the Papers and also with my all time favorite metallic paper sheet from the Dimestore Vogue Kit.

What do you like from the 50s?

Have a gorgeous day


  1. Vicki Chrisman says:

    So True Nat!!! and you looked so so cute in the sailor dress! Love it

  2. Sue Clarke says:

    Although I call myself a domestic goddess I really am not a hausfrau (at least I don’t think so). I do like the 1950’s postcard-type items that have the “traditional” woman on them with a modern day quote. One of my favorites is the woman in bed with a smile on her face and saying “I dreamed my whole house was clean”.

  3. Love this LO…sometimes creating without a picture can be so much FUN!

  4. Hi Nat, ich verfolge schon seit einiger Zeit deinen Blog und jetzt musste ich doch “laut schmunzeln” und mich mal melden 🙂 Ich komme gerade ins philosophieren und ins grüben wer bei uns die typische Hausfrau ist… das wechselt eigentlich zwischen meinem Mann und mir. Ha ha. Ich mag Dein Layout, das ist so wunderbar nostalgisch!

  5. Hi Nat, i love your LO! It´s so clean! 😉 I like the clothes from the 50s! I´m not a Hausfrau, too. Even if it is a part of my roles in my life.
    Wish you a tidy day 😉

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