Acrylic Canvas Flower Tutorial

In one of my Layout-Workshops from last year I taught how to create those Acrylic Canvas Flowers and I thought I should share with you 🙂

In einem meiner Layout- Workshops vom letzten Jahr habe ich gezeigt, wie man diese Acryl-Farben-Leinwand-Blumen macht und ich dachte, ich zeig Euch das mal hier 🙂

Take a Claudine Hellmuht canvas sheet and put several drops of 2-3 different acrylic paints on it – drops’ size about a pea

Take a brayer and roll the colors out – mixing them – this gives the surface also a nice texture

Let dry- it may crinkle and roll together- that is fine- don’t worry too much about this.

After the Canvas Sheet dried cut out three circles – 2 smaller ones, one bigger one . Also cut approximately 6 stripes each 3 cm / 1.2 inch wide. Peel off the protection backing of the stripes, fold the stripes in the middle lenthwise and stick together. You now have a thin stripe with painting on each side.

Glue the end of one stripe to the middle of one of the cut out canvas circles. Press down hard and then start twisting the canvas stripe in a circle around the center froming a nice flower. Use the glue here and there to make it stick. Cut off peaking out circle piece on the edge if necessary.

Place some peals and crystals on top and place it the flowers on a layout- voila 🙂

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  1. It´s a good idea, I´ll try. Thanks for the tutorial.
    Lo is beautiful, I like very much the background.

  2. Thanks for sharing, paint queen!

  3. Gefährliches LO! *grins* Gefährlich schön! Find’s klasse, wie du den Holzrahmen eingesetzt hast, – ich hab mich immer gefragt, wie man sowas auf einem LO unterbringen soll…Liebe Grüße…Tanja

  4. Yup, I definitely need a brayer too, coz I want to do one of these flowers now!

  5. what a great idea! I love making backgrounds with a brayer. Never thought of this. Going to try it with paper first, 🙂 thanks for sharing Nat.

  6. This is fantastic! LOVE how it looks!!! Great way to make the flower totally yours!!! LOVE that photo in the layout as well- too cute!

  7. Love the tutorial…you have simplified the technique!

  8. aww! What a sweet photo and love the flower and tutorial 🙂

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