Thoughts: The key to change is to let go of fear

Thoughts are a part of my monthly newsletter – they are usually something that is in my mind , they start unreflected and entangled but writing them down help me often to understand and collect them. It is a dear and regular part of my newsletter – so I thought I would share with you once in a while some that I had written in former newsletters. The following is from my January 2011 Newsletter after I just decided to quit my job as a paralegal:

“One of the biggest obstacle on living my dream – being a full time artist and workshop teacher, was fear. Fear of the future, to let loose of something that I was certain about. A secure job, income and day. I have been dreaming about being an artist and workshop teacher as a main profession for a long time but my fear was constantly talking to me “What if you are not successful?” “How dare you?”.

I still think that this fear was good and helpful in the beginning – it forced me to get more informations, to think about the points that actually fear me and then I started thinking about how I could handle those points. And the fear got smaller the more information I collected. My heart told me I would be ok- even if it won’t work all the way I imagine it. There are always possibilities!

Yes – there is still uncertainty if all works out but the fear got replaced by knowing that whatever happens this change is going for the better as I’m finally in the first time in my life doing what I really want to do. I’m not asking for brilliance or success right now…I just want to keep this “thing” going.  I’m aware that not trying will make me more unhappy than failing – since I will never know if my dream might have become true in the end.

So, to say it again…the key to change is to let go of fear…get over this resistance and just keep going to fullfill your dreams!”

Reading this again – I have to say- I was right about the fact that what happened after I quit my job  made me all in all happier. Other fears are crawling up now- the ones asking me again “How Dare You” – time to let them go 🙂

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Have a wonderful day


  1. Thanks for posting this, and also thanks for posting Tracy – absolutely love her. If you haven’t seen her live on stage yet, you should go and do that. She’s an inspiration!

  2. says:

    Good for you! Keep on going Nathalie! You’re an inspiration!

  3. ooooh! I love Tracey Chapman! Awesome…awesome…

  4. You are such an inspiration and this message is one I plan to keep telling myself..until 🙂

  5. Sue Clarke says:

    I love this song and I for one am glad that you trusted yourself and got through the fear…more scrappy goodness in the world as you do more workshops Nat!

  6. a wonderful fearless day to you too, great to read this again 😉

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