Let’s experiment in Nathalie’s Studio

I just got a pile of the awesome Crafter’s Workshop Templates created by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and was going to experiment a bit in my studio anyway. And so I thought why not tape it and show you how studio day with just playing around looks like.

Ich habe gerade erst einen Stapel der grandiosen Crafter’s Workshop Templates designt von Julie Fei-Fan Balzer bekommen und hatte mir vorgenommen in meinem Studio ein wenig rumzuspielen. Und so dachte ich, wieso nicht einfach mal aufnehmen, was da so passiert, damit Ihr wisst, wie das so ausschaut.

*If You Believe You Can, You Will*

I truly believe that you cannot teach a good workshop until you know how your media react to different treatments, surfaces and materials and the only way you can find out how this works is by just experimenting.  Just copying one technique that someone else showed you will not make you someone who knows how to work the media. You can still try to embrace your mistakes- but that doesn’t mean that the outcome would make a good workshop. So let me show you how I work with it and how I look at it.

Ich glaube fest daran, dass Du keinen guten Workshop unterrichten kannst, wenn Du nicht weißt, wie die unterschiedlichen Media auf unterschiedliche Anwendungen, Untergründe und Materialien reagieren. Der einzige Weg, herauszufinden, wie das funktioniert, ist indem man halt rumexperimentiert. Einfach nur eine Technik kopieren, die jemand anderes Dir gezeigt hat, macht Dich noch lange nicht zu einem Experten des Mediums. Du kannst natürlich noch immer Deine Fehler in etwas Gutes verwandeln – aber das heißt nicht, dass das Ergebnis auch ein guter Workshop wäre. Lasst mich mal zeigen, wie ich so rumexperimentiere und was ich daraus lerne.

So the next step for me would be to take the good outcomes and experiences from this and tweak it and try something different. And I will do this until I find something that speaks to me and says “that would be a cool workshop” (well at least in my opinion – LOL)

Der nächste Schritt wäre also die guten Ergebnisse aus diesem Experiment zu nehmen, sie noch ein wenig zu verändern und dann noch ein paar andere Dinge auszuprobieren. Und das mache ich solange, bis ich endlich was gefunden habe, was mich anspricht und sagt ” hey…das wäre echt ein cooler Workshop” (nun ja, wenigstens meiner Meinung nach- LOL)

I hope you had fun joining me in my studio and found it a bit interesting 🙂

Ich hoffe Ihr hattet Spaß ein wenig Zeit mit mir in meinem Studio zu verbringen und fandet es ein wenig interessant 🙂


  1. Hey Nat! Thanks so much!!! I didn’t know about customer service was so bad there… Germans seem so propper and all… Anyway, here the weather is probably as bad as in Hamburg: very windy and a bit rainy with a drop o chilly ;), luckily it seems that it will be sunny (although not warm) from Saturday on….


  2. Sure Nat, whenever you can ;-)… the gesso… I am in my summer house right now and it’s in a pretty remote village in Brittany, so no art supply stores nearby (went to a craft store the other day and they didn’t know what gesso was – let alone clear gesso – so I ordered some supplies online (canvases, acrylic paint, gesso…) at a pretty big art supply store in Bordeaux… guess what? I received my order today, and both canvases in one of the standard sizes I ordered AND the (regular) gesso didn’t make it because they were out of stock (can you believe it?)! So nothing is too simple here, but it gives me a reason to rant about French businesses instead of the Spanish ones for once! Ha!

    Have a nice evening,

    • Hi Isabel. hehehe- wait till you come to germany – see what you say about bad costumerservice then 😉

      finally I was able to watch it again 🙂 so the colors I used were: Mallard Glimmer Mist Cranberry Zing Glimmer Mist and my two favorites Apple and Riptide Glimmer Mist the black was Charcoal Chalkboard Hope that helps a bit 🙂 H0pe you have at least better weather – we have the worst summer ever. huge hugs nat nathaliesstudio.com

  3. Yes, Nat, pkease do so! Also, where in Europe do you find clear gesso? I’m very-very interested!

    • When I have time- please do not hold me on that in the short time now 😉 I have a lot of stuff on my plate right now- for example I had a meeting for four hours on skype and have not eaten lunch nor dinner yet and it is 10 pm 😉 Gesso can be found in a good artsupply store- if they do not cary the clear one- ask for it- oftne they order it for you.

      Have a gorgeous day nat

  4. Love the outcome Nat! It’s definetely something I would hang on my walls… Thanks for sharing!

    P.S.: love those glimmer mist colors, could you please type their names so I can get them? Danke

    • Oh Isabel- to tell oyu the truth- I do not know them out of my head anymore- I used quite a bunch. For sure I used Glimmer MIst Riptide. I have to watch the video again and see if I get the names out of my head again 😉

  5. I am ADDICTED to making altered canvas projects. Thank you for this great tutorial!

  6. Great work Nat. Loved watching you in action. I love the stencil with the stars and dots. x

  7. Girl, you rock! (But you already know that, don’t you?) Love the whole thing!

  8. Love your project — it came out BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for the awesome video!

  9. I love you new studio!!! Thanks for this fantastic tuto!!

  10. Oooh Nat, das Video ist ja zu genial…mit der Musik, herrlich.
    Aber warum musste pp unten drunter? da sehe ich nichts mehr von 🙂
    Liebe Grüße nach Hamburg

    • hihihi- sage ich am schluß – was ich anders machen würde- ich würde nicht mehr soviel von dem weißen Gesso über Stencil verwenden, weil das dann doch zuviel wegnimmt 😉 Liebe Grüße Du Süße 🙂

  11. Very cool

  12. DANKE für das tolle Video. Mir gefällt, was dabei heraus gekommen ist!
    LG Michaela

  13. Cool zu sehn, wie deine Werke so entstehn! Sehr interessant! LG Tanja

  14. Love all the layers, the texture and the whole process. Good tips. Thanks!

  15. Great page and video Nat, and thank you for the tip on clear Gesso. Have to look for that, cause that will solve a problem 😉 Hugs

  16. That was awsome Nathalie – like your style and your way of working/trying things. And I would looooooove to come by your place and learn more while your working 🙂
    Vielleicht sollte ich mal vorbei kommen wenn ich mal wieder in Hamburg bin 🙂

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