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My latest article in Somerset Memories is called the Zen State of Art and is my favorite one so far. This article is about how I believe that art heals, is an creative outlet, reducing stress and can help to covercome hard times in the past or the present and also can ease fears that overshadow you. I so wish I could share this article in whole with you. But I will just show you some of the artwork that is in there.

Mein letzter Artikel in der Somerset Memories heißt “The Zen State of Art” und ist wirklich mein Lieblingsartikel bislang. Der Artike handelt davon, dass ich glaube, dass Kunst heilt, ein kreatives Ventil ist, dass Streß reduzieren kann und auch hilft schlechte Zeiten in der Vergangenheit oder in der Zukunft zu bewältigen – und es kann auch Ängste verarbeiten. Ich wünschte, ich könnte diesen Artike im ganzen mit Euch teilen. Aber ich zeig Euch einfach ein paar der Layouts, die ich dafür kreiert habe.



Journaling reads: Could someone please clean up my life-script from Drama




Journaling reads: It’s one of these days: I was hurt and all I want is cocooning myself




Journaling reads: I really want to



Journaling reads: I wish I wasn’t so pig-headed sometimesAll the papers were created by myself using Spraypaints. The process of making those papers itself was putting me inte the Zen State of Art 🙂

Have a gorgeous day  and go and create!

Euch einen fantastischen Tag – geht und kreiert etwas!


  1. You’re oh so artistic and talented Miss Nat!!! *hugs*

  2. Tsila Sofer Elguez says:

    loved those

  3. Hi, Nathalie! Hooray for your article! I too feel the same way about art and its cleansing, cathartic qualities. I discovered mixed-media about a year ago, after becoming unemployed and having to reinvent myself in terms of my career. If it weren’t for art, I know I could’ve never gotten thru all of the trauma and pain. Thanks for writing about the healing powers of art!

  4. I really like the colors of theese projects very bright and I think perfect for the qoutes/sayings. Great work – im inspired!

  5. so fab to look at all these pages!!
    and congrats on making the cocoa-team!! 😀

  6. Sue Clarke says:

    I have and love this issue. My son saw your article and said “oh that’s by your friend from Germany” (too funny). I tried to explaining that although we’ve never met in person we are both part of a larger scrappy community. We both enjoyed the colorful LO’s! Thanks for being you Nat.

  7. I’ve got the mag, so I got to enjoy the whole article. LOVE the vibrancy you achieved with the spray paint. Makes me want to buy some!

  8. awesome layouts Nat. I especially love the cocooning one. can totally relate! hugs xx

  9. Been meaning to tell you how much I enjoyed the article…but I think what blows me away is the passion you put into your art 😉

  10. wow. fantastic backgrounds and how powerful pages.
    Have to buy the mag.

  11. LOVE IT ! will have to get my hands on that mag somewhere

    Mary x

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