Photos: Singapore Part II

Almost at the end of the journey.


We met the Tattered Angels Design Team girls Susan Lui and Emeline Seet and also the lovely Aida Haron who I met in January at CHA in L.A. We had a great lunch together and the three did such a fun tourist tour with us- I learnt more in half I day when we could possibly have learned on our own in two days 🙂


We had such a cool hotel boutique hotel- every room was different





Ours was the GardenRoom and we had a nice terrace with the coolest bath tub.




A Hindu Temple around the corner


Also around the corner was this amazing Buddha Temple




And at the airport I was so thrilled to meet Sasha Farina – yeahhh- what a sweat heart and it was awesome to have – although only a short time- a coffee with her :


that was it…no more pictures…till the next journey 😉 thanks for letting me share. Have a good one 🙂


  1. come back soon Miss Nat.. I miss you. *hugs*

  2. Nat – I met you at the beginning of your trip and have loved seeing you post updates of all the fun you’ve been having along the way. You saw a very different Singapore to the one I saw a few years ago. Though I was very jetlagged after two overnight and sleepless flights to get there.
    Glad you are home safe n sound and look forward to continuing to be inspired by your artworks.
    Michey xx
    PS: I love your Aussie t-shirt in that last photo!! So quintessential. xx

  3. wunderbare Photos!

  4. Singapore looks awesome! What a great trip! Another destination to put on my someday-travel list!

  5. Sue Clarke says:

    Wonderful photos as usual Nat. I love the ones of the temples…so colorful. IN that last pic you look so happy. I think that the career change has been good for you.

  6. It was lovely seeing you in real life Nat! 🙂 That was a great lunch. We should do it more often huh? Love the photos you took.

  7. Pics are FABULOUS…oh to be able to travel & see the world!

  8. oh I also completed a layout last night using some of the techniques you taught us in your class if you want to pop over to my blog and check it out. I have to say I love how it turned out 🙂

    Mary x

  9. Mary Bennetts says:

    Wow the place you stayed at looks fabulous. We had a stop over at Singapore coming home from Europe, we only really had a day to look around and it was SO hot. I dont think we got a true experience of Singapore.
    Mary x

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