Photos: Australia Part I

After a couple of weeks with an amazing workshop journey in Australia and a stop over in Singpore I’m back. so…get prepared for several photo-posts 🙂

After two never ending flights with the Singapore Airlines…which by the way has the best service ever…we arrived in Sydney in our wonderful apartment right at the Harbour Bridge.We had a wonderful view outside our balcony on the 14th floor



Below the apartment was Luna Park – an amusement park built in 1935 – such an amazing and fun entrance



The first day I was on my own and went with the ferry to Circular Quay where the wonderful opera house is. There is a really great system in System on using the Ferry boats- I enjoyed it so much- it is like having minivactions in a minivacation  – lol . The opera was really quite something. I have to say the architecture fully reveals and grabs you when you see it in person.





From there I made my way to the beautiful Botanical Garden and saw soon the cute Flying Foxes …just hanging around in the trees


They are the largest bats in the world, totally harmless and pretty loud – LOL. It is a sound you never forget. Also something you won’t forget is the sight of a huge gigantic spider in a huge gigantic spider web…also just hanging out… (you will read the word huge throughout my posts about Australia probably quite often…everything is BIGGER in Australia)


You have to know that I have a little issue with spiders…funny enough the big one didn’t bug me that much…it is more those mean little ones that you don’t see and can’t keep your eye on that freak me out 🙂 . And the warning to not lean against bushes didn’t help me much in the not freak part 🙂
I checked out the main shopping street – George Street – , The Rocks and went to the Museum of Contemporary Art which had amazing Mixed Media Installations and had a fab time in very nice weather . I had some daily observations:

everyday is casual friday in Australia :), they do not give out forks with the french fries, some of their plug ins have pull out handles- such a great idea!!!, it does actually rain a lot in the fall of aussie, burger king is hungry jack, there are fun markets in sydney, umbrellas are cheaper than in London, Sydney is not as much fun when it rains, it seems to be hip to rent a rolls royce for a wedding, women’s certain apparal has totally different sizes when in Europe or the US and is even different by brand, shopping malls close early at 5pm, men really love to wear flip flops here :), No Australian seems to actually wear UGGs, if they say winter collection is in…it is sandals and T-Shirts, The money is see-through, they eat stuff that looks like a mixture of pancakes and English Muffins


2011 Australia

The second day in Sydney my husband and I went to several fun markets and had a really good time.

I will post next about junkyards and workshops and over experiences in Australia 🙂


  1. Vicki Chrisman says:

    loving looking through all your photos! What an adventure! awesome!

  2. Some really great photos and you have written about your travel so well – want to go and vist where you have been.

  3. Sue Clarke says:

    I always love to see your photos from your travels…that entrance is AWESOME…looks like you have to get swallowed to enter!

  4. Wow. Gorgeous stuff. I love those paper flowers. So cool! I am inspired to learn that for the ornament exchange!

  5. Sounds like an awesome experience

  6. PS I dont think the flying foxes are cute, they give me the creeps lol and Love the pic of the harbour bridge

  7. You have taken some fabulous pics. I have enjoyed reading your thoughts on our country 🙂

  8. Thank you for sharing great pictures and text. Looking forward to the next one.

  9. I love travelogues…

  10. Can’t wait to read more. Welcome

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