Photos: One day in Paris

After the workshops Vicki Boutin and I headed out to Paris for a day and had a blast 🙂 We had a wonderful time together!






yummie Galettes…ahhhh!!!



On the second evening we met Julie and her husband again and went to a beautiful Christmas Market on the Champs Elysees. We had a blast and an amazing dinner afterwards!





It was wonderful althoug it was freeeeeeeeezing cold 🙂

have a gorgeous day!


  1. I feel like I was there in Paris…thanks for the lovely pictures!

  2. Bill Auld says:

    Hey Nat, all pictures are great but that first Eiffel pic is stunning-really.

  3. That cow chair is a hoot!! LOVE all your pictures, your night photography is so beautiful! my dream since I was LITTLE was to sit and sketch in Paris…. one day I’ll make it there!

  4. Sue Clarke says:

    So I had a rough day today at work and I came home to a beautiful ornament made just for me…WONDERFUL! Thank you Stine.

  5. ok.yes.jealous.

  6. marie-anne raeman says:

    cool photo’s
    love it!

  7. I love that first picture, Nat. Gorgeous. I love all of them, but that first one is tre bien (something like that. Too lazy to look it up).

  8. oh Nat, awesome photos as always. a day in Paris? kind of what i could need right now…

  9. Sue Clarke says:

    Wonderful pics…especially the night time one at the Tower.
    And I’m pleased to see that you found some street art as well Nat.

  10. Oh!! Xmas in Paris. Spectacular. Wonderful pics.

  11. The pictures are amazing – did you use a tripod for the night shots?

  12. Loks like we had great workshops and amazin day after it! Wow, beautiful photos 🙂
    I’ so happy about you 🙂

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