Altered Wooden Box Tutorial


  1. thanks for the fab reminder!! my wooden boxes are still naked!! 😉

  2. marie-anne raeman says:

    very cool 🙂

  3. Love this. The vibrant colours are gorgeous!

  4. gorgeous work as always! Love how it turned out!

  5. It’s fabulous. I have been eyeing this particular IKEA drawer for some time, so you never know – I may be tempted to do something similar

  6. I love htis- it came out fabulous!

  7. Sue Clarke says:

    Wow…color the world Nat!
    I’m not likely to work on this kind of project but I do like it.

  8. I think the Fall colors are the BOMB!!!

  9. oh wow! unfortunately, i don’t have the space or the peace at the moment to finish a “messy, arty” project like that. even though i have that wooden box of drawers from ikea and it looks really boring. maybe one day…

  10. take that ikea! it looks awesome. i got two of this boxes, guess what i’m going to do to them! 😉

  11. Very good point Cuchy. But especially with the dark colors and the thin cheaper wood it is not a problem. Since Glimmer Mist settles the paint first on the surface – so if you have a dark color you do not need much 🙂

  12. Vibrant colours and so beautiful. Thanks for the tuto
    Just a doubt: Haven’t you used a primer before spraying? Doesn’t the wood absorb too much paint if it’s not primed?

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