Somerset Memories and Give away

Two of my layouts have been published in the new Somerset Memories Fall issue along with my article and layouts for my column “Nathalie’s Studio” – Stepping Back – .

Zwei meiner Layouts wurden in der neuen Herbst-Ausgabe von Somerset Memories zusammen mit meinem Artikel und Layouts für meine Kolumne “Nathalie’s Studio” – Stepping Back – veröffentlicht.


In my article I wrote about how it is sometimes good to step back in the Scrapbooking World and create with just a few materials and ephemeras layouts that still or maybe just because of that reason have a meaning 🙂

In meinem Artikel schrieb ich darüber, dass es manchmal auch ganz gut ist, in der Scrapbooking Welt einen Schritt zurückzugehen und mit nur wenigen Materialien und Alltags-Dingen Layouts zu kreieren, die dennoch oder vielleicht deswegen viel Bedeutung haben können 🙂


here is the layout:


Supplies: Prism Cardstock, Map from National Park Magazine, 7Gypsies Paper Tape, Sultane eMOTions paper by Nathalie Kalbach, Tim Holtz Hardware, Eco Green Crafts Glass Embellishment,SCRAPBOOK ADHESIVE by 3L™



Supplies: Prism Kraft Paper, Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist, Wrapping Paper, Imagniscene Brad Claps, Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L, white signo pen




Supplies: Cardboard, Tissue Paper- Sultane Ombrelle voYAgeuse, Golden Medium, Glaze, Eco Green Craft Acrylic Paint, Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist, Lace, Rose Moka Stickers, Sultane LesAlphas. SCRAPBOOK ADHESIVE by 3L

I have two extra magazines of this Somerset Memories issue as a randomn give away – I will send them out to two of you- all you have to do is. leave a comment and let me know what topic would interest you in an article 🙂

Ich habe zwei Extra-Exmplare dieser Somerset Memories Ausgabe und gbee diese gerne weiter – Ich schicke  Sie an zwei von Euch raus – alles was Ihr tun müsst: hinterlasst einen Kommentar und lasst mich wissen, welches Thema Euch in einem Artikel interessieren würde 🙂


  1. I am famous, yet again! You captured the fun and craziness of that hike just briiliantly.

  2. Tsila Sofer Elguez says:

    Lovely layouts…warm and rich and they all deserve a second and third look to grasp the different layers. I would like to read an article about using handwriting in scrapbooking (doesn’t everyone hate his own handwriting…) and also about the “truth” behind a layout… how long did it take to make… did it wait on your desk until suddenly you knew how to end it.. process of work.

  3. Fabulous work girl! You rocked it all! 🙂

  4. Congrats Nathalie!

    I would love to read about how you choose colors for your LO,s – I would never have thougt of making a fallLO that was mostly blue, but it works perfectly!

  5. Hey Nat!!! I am so proud of all you’ve accomplished. I’d like to see an article where you make the same layout in six different ways or six different levels of difficulty. You rock, and I miss you. I must visit your blog more often!!!! xoxo

  6. Congrats on the pub! I’d like to see an article on creative ways to do journaling-I always struggle with this.

  7. Congrats Nat on beeing published. I love them all, but the background on the lovely fall is my favorite. I would love to read an article about different media on backgrounds. We don’t have that magazine here so I would love to get my hands on a copy. Hugs and see you soon.

  8. really cool. i looove Somerset and they always have the neatest projects.

    I would love to learn more about how you take a step back from the scrapbooking world. You always have such a creative approach to things

  9. ahhh, congrats on beeing published!!
    großartige werke sind dir wieder gelungen!! 😀

  10. oooooooooo i love SM and i wish it came out more than twice a year. sigh. congrats!!! your style will rock the mag.

  11. Nat that is so exciting 🙂 I love your style and always enjoy looking at your LOs. That’s like my ultimate goal is to be pubbed in Sumerset. I have to say there isn’t much else they don’t already include.

    Hugs ❤

  12. Sue Clarke says:

    These are great LO’s Nat and I already own that mag and it is fab!

  13. love the idea about stepping back.

    i always love to read about different media in your articles! i saw on the LO “soulmate” you created the title words yourself (?) that is something i love to do and i think i’d like to read about techniques how to create your own unique titles with different media.

    i hope i win a copy 🙂 have a great week Nat! (btw, a have a new blog, did you notice that? all my scrapbook/mixed media/sewing -related stuff goes on there:

  14. marie-anne raeman says:

    Like the soulmate one because of the nice warm colors and the brice canyon one because of the map used en the cool details, the things that interest me most in an article is how you get to do some things…does that make sense?

  15. Love the lay-outs! Esp. Happy Cab! Also love the idea of stepping away… I have so much stuff I could use!

  16. Da meld ich mich doch gleich mal *ggg*
    Also mich würde zum Beispiel ein Artikel darüber interessieren, was für Farben du verwendest. Von Acryl- bis Stempelfarben oder so..und was wofür natürlich 🙂
    LG Sandra

  17. Gosh you were up early on this monday morning!
    Wonderful LO’s as always! The soul mate one is my favorite, love the colors!!

  18. Ja löblich das mal zu erwähnen, dass unser Hobby eben auch mit eher “profanem” Material eines der Schönsten is! 🙂 Was nich heißt, dass ich nich auch regelmäßig dem Zauber des bunten, teuren Zeugs zum Opfer falle …
    Themenvorschlag hab ich auch. Wie man sich Layout-Ideen von den “Profis” holen kann, indem man sich Plakate, Zeitschriften, Bücher, Broschüren etc. mal genauer anschaut und ein wenig abkupfert.

  19. wow, das sind super tolle LOs. eins schöner als das andere.

    und ja ICH will eins deiner hefte gewinnen! mein artikel vorschlag: mit welchen materialien/techniken man verschiedene “layers” schön herausarbeiten kann…mit farbe, papier und texture…oder so 🙂

    LG Felicitas

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