Tattered Angels: Well-Behaved Women- Canvas

This canvas shows the photo of my grandaunt Margot after she played pretty wild on the street. Her father wanted to document her looks – the pants are showing, the bow is not straight anymore! I love this and it also shows my great grandfather had a good sense of humor by taking this picture 🙂

*Well-Behaved Women*

Sorry- had to remove it 🙂


  1. uhhmmmmm…my favourite colour set!!!! Great canvas Nat!

  2. Nat, I really love the canvas, all the textures and beautiful colors. And the picture is brilliant.

  3. this is so CUTE!! LOVE the quote on this canvas Nat!

  4. What a great piece. What a treasure to have those pictures.

  5. One of my favorite quotes and I always love photos of your grandaunt, Nat!
    I especially appreciate how the canvas allows you to use more supplies to give all that yummy texture.

  6. What a wonderful sentence! Made me laugh out loud! 😉

    Love your colors and the white dots. Unglaublich schön, Süße! 😀

  7. ha ha ha – a truer sentiment has never been spoken. LOVE the textures of the layout. Stunning!

  8. “Well-Behaved Women rarely make history” SOOOO True!!
    Except for Mother Theresa maybe 😉

  9. i just love it! brilliant colors, great texture, funny circles and i love the white dots! now you made your grandaunt make history 😉

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