The cat is in the house

We bought Niles a little house out of recylced cardboard that you put together yourself -still need to add some details …to make it a bit more fun …but I think Niles doesn’t care how it looks…he loves it already- LOL


He is actually a little bit scary in his house…LOL

And with  some Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist….the house got Niles-i-fied 🙂

Have a purr-fect day:)


  1. he’ the cutest and his new home rocks!! 😀

  2. Sue Clarke says:

    Love the paw and the eye showing through the hole in the house.

  3. nathalie says:

    Karen, he didn’t like to have photos taken of him…he had a bad hairday- LOL

  4. I don’t know, Nat. Niles doesn’t look too happy in that last picture. Maybe he wanted a more manly Glimmer Mist color on the roof.

  5. I love it….I wanna play!!!

  6. haha, this is cute. maybe i should get something like that for spencer one day 😛

  7. Henriette Andresen says:

    Ohh, what a cute house! I hope Niles realizes that he is one lucky cat!

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