Guest Artist Video for Stampington & Company

I did another video for Stampington & Company.

Ich habe für den Verlag Stampington & Company  ein weiteres Video gedreht.

Stamped Flowers using an Embossing Metal Pendants Technique 


Have a gorgeous day!


  1. wohooo!! coolio!! 😀

  2. I watched this the other day, it was GREAT!

  3. Oh was für geniale Spielzeuge Du da hast! Und die Blümchen am Mantelrevers (Wintermantel braucht man ja noch) stell ich mir superschick vor.

  4. Ist das toll!!!!!! Ich liebe deine Ideen 🙂

  5. Very very cute flowers! I’ll watch it when I get home. Love the look. Really creative.

  6. Those flowers are scrumptious!

  7. Awesome! You creative chickie, LOL!

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