Workshops in Israel – My Punch -Photos Part II

you really thought I would let you go with just a couple of photos of my workshops in Israel, didn’t you? Nahhhh – LOL – this is my blog and that means my creative diary…you you have to see more pictures- LOL 😉

The day after the workshops I went to the Sea in the morning- located right at the hotel I stayed in – and I had my feed in the Mediterranean Sea !

Then Alice picked me up and we drove to the Caesarea National Park – here during the Persian Rule (about 500 – 300 BCE) was a settlement built. The Romans built a large port here and the history of this place is amazing. Remaining are some amazing ruins.

Love this photo of Alice

And doesn’t your heart just open when you ride on street seamed by palm trees.

We went to a wonderful park Ramat HaNadiv

We went to Zikhron Ya’akov- beautifuly located in the mountains – and had a nice long rest – chatting and eating 🙂

And then we went to Jerusalem…and that…I will show you tomorrow ….;) Sorry more photos- LOL


Today over on the Tattered Angels Educators blog, Karan Gerber is featuring an awesome project for Tattered Angels  National Scrapbook MONTH celebration! Click on over to her blog and to the Tattered Angels blog to see what she is up to!


Educators blog:

Karan Gerber’s blog:


  1. the water is so clear and pretty and it looks WARM!!

  2. OMG how amazing!!!! Whata stunning place and superb photos

  3. that’s beautiful, you might had a lot of fun, I’m happy for you !

  4. Haaachz… wie schön! Du hattest die Füße im Meer *neid*

  5. What a beautiful place!!

  6. Vicki Chrisman says:

    OH.. I love love love your photos! Gorgeous!

  7. Sue Clarke says:

    Don’t ever apologize for posting your delightful photos Nat. I love the ruins, park trees, ocean and palm trees especially! Can’t wait to see more.

  8. I think you are missing me in the pictures…

    It seems as you had wonderful time!!!

  9. I’m very glad you enjoyed your visiy in our country.
    Yourworkshops were wonderful and teaching method was excellent.
    I had just post about it in my blog and linked it to your blog. The post have pictures of my canvas (I finished at home). You are welcome to see wht i did thanks to you.

  10. *sigh* amazing shots!! 😀

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